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    Changing the Date: Sh*t Test or am I Overreacting?

    I'll keep this brief. I've always wondered about this but I never really bothered to make a thread about it. Would the girl changing the date or time be considered a sh*t test? I told this girl to come meet me at a bar and grab some drinks. She replied "I'm actually really hungover rn and feel...
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    What methods of contact can you get?

    So I've been Cold Approaching like a madman over these past 2 weeks while I've been in school. If I'm at a bar, I always get the number. I've heard that it's not good to settle for their social media. Now what about situations like Daygame or in class? I've found that it's much smoother to get...
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    Tips on going out alone?

    So in an effort to boost up the amount of Cold Approaches I'm doing, I've decided to start gaming solo at bars. My friends don't want to go out all the time, and if I could Game by myself anywhere I'd be more effective. It took a bit of effort, but I managed to go do it last night and I had a...
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    Back to the Basics: Active Social Circle Creation

    Was hoping I could bring it all the way back to the basics for a little bit. I'm trying to expand my social circle actively instead of passively while I'm in Summer School so I was hoping that I could get a bit of help here. I've already started to make some new friends. But when you want hang...
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    How do you all manage your money?

    I think I really could tighten up my money management if I'm gonna be successful. I suppose I could budget it all out in a Word Document and keep track of what I'm doing in there. How do you all manage your money?
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    Thoughts on using Snapchat?

    I saw this video by AMS the other day. He confirmed what other people on this site saying that you should never ever get a woman's Snapchat Instagram or Facebook over her number cause it makes you look like just a fan and just validates her/lets her screen you out. So I always get their number...
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    AMS: Polishing up my Text Game

    So I went out to a music festival type thing yesterday and got 3 numbers. I know some of you here watch AMS, and I'm working on tightening up my text game a bit more cause that's where things seem to go wrong. I think this is a great video, but I just don't understand a handful of things. He...
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    When you're gonna be on a long hiatus?

    Hi guys, just a quick question! I'm gonna be working hard to boost my SMV higher this summer but since school is out in 3 days I'd like to know something about Game. So I was at a small party(I was part of the hired musical entertainment) the other day and I thought the photographer was cute...
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    Handling a more Conservative Girl without getting Friendzoned?

    So I did a Daygame Approach a while back. I kept it low-key because it was Daygame just like Roosh V said. She has my same major and is also a musician. I got her contact info and suggested we write sometime. She said she was busy so I took it as low interest. But then she came up to me later...
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    Making new friends in College?

    So a lot of my current friends are graduating and I'd like to build a new social circle. I'd like to have friends that I can bar hop with and go to house parties with. Can't believe I'm asking this, but how do I meet people like that? How do I start forging those friendships? I'm a Computer...
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    How do I set up a threesome?

    I've been fvcking a Tinder girl for a while and she's chasing my validation. She says she loves the sex with me. She's pretty freaky too. I watched her Snap story and she has hot friends. I want to fvck them too, I want a threesome. How do I set this up without pissing off and losing my plate...
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    Dealing with Ghosting vs Flakes

    I originally posted this in my journal, but it's really important so I'm opening it up to the public. I've dealt with flakes before and I have a good policy. I give them two Strikes. But this straight up ghosting is an entirely different matter. I had suggested to this HB 9.5 that we hang out...
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    Should I Accept this Invite Out?

    As we speak I'm currently preparing for my next Databases test. But I have a question for you guys about my social circle and all that. I don't want to have no friends next semester. The friends I have that aren't graduating are some fvcking snakes to say the least. We pretend to be cordial but...
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    Where to get a Cheap Car?

    Okay guys, not having a car is getting extremely extremely annoying. I think it's about time for me to start thinking about getting one soon. I'm just now learning to think about adult things like this because I've been an immature fvckboi. I'm still in college so for now, I'm a broke boi. So...
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    Do I have a chance or am I Cucked

    So guys. After I put in my studying I went on a date today. The girl has been fvcking one of my co-workers for a while. They get into a lot of fights though. She invited me out so I thought she was trying to monkey branch from my coworker to me. We went out bar hopping and had a good time. I...
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    Choosing Signals or Getting Used for Nonsexual Attention

    Answered my own question. Forget this thread, mods if you're reading this can you delete it?
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    Female Friends? What would you guys suggest I do in this situation?

    If you don't like something in your life, take control and go change that shyt right? So here's what I'm dealing with. I need to create a new social circle from the ground up. My current one is filled with thugmaxxxers and I don't like it. I'd like to have friends that talk about stuff other...
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    Y'all ever drink wine?

    Out of curiosity, do you guys ever drink wine? If so, what kind do you get?
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    How do I make sure she doesn’t bring friends on the date?

    Working on banging this chick who has a boyfriend. She’s been giving me lots of IOIs. We’re going on a date Tuesday at 6 PM. One time, we went out to get coffee just me and her. But another time we went out she brought a friend and I don’t want that. Normally, I’d say let’s go on a “date” so it...
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    Contradictions from Dating Coaches

    I wanted to elicit some opinions from on here cause boy am I confused. This site always seems to clear things up. I follow a lot of Dating Coaches and watch them in my spare time. I was putting together a hybrid type Game, but idk if it’ll work anymore. I know different people have different...