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    Stick it out

    This site really works. I have 2 kids with a beautiful wife I met at the gym 11 years ago. I used all the don juan skills and upgraded. Stick it out cuz it works. Where's Pook and the rest of the old schoolers!!!
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    MLK Day

    K B you have every right to be upset. So do you PRMoon, you guys have every right to feel this way. I am actually mixed myself, and what I do see is a younger white generation that is upset about having to pay for their forefathers errors or mistakes, whatever you want to call it. The...
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    Sleep apnea & difficulty losing weight.

    Actually, for the amount of calories you burn after your workouts and with the 1200 calories you eat, your stagnant weight has to be because you are genetically more musclar than the regular average joe. As stated above. I really believe in keying in on cardio, but effectively. Just the fact...
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    Sleep apnea & difficulty losing weight.

    2 hours of cardio a day???????5x's aweek If this is true, your knees are heading to hell in a gasoline bucket. Cut it down dude. Shorter High intensity work outs intstead, max out at 30 mins per session. Also watch what food groups make up a majority of your total caloric intake. Which...
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    Still hanging around, ladies?

    All we need now is for DIESEL to make a cameo and we can all have a fukkyn bottomed out snott slinging fest. Demon, its only a matter of time and your horns will pop out again. Stop tryin to pretend you're a phukkyn saint. Edge
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    New Jokes Thread

    Just going through this old thread....Funny shytt... Anyone with more Michael Jackson jokes????? Edge
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    Fla. Teacher to Claim Insanity in Sex Case

    What about this shytt.. :rolleyes: Edge
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    Such a Hard time Meeting New people

    You're almost there.. However, in putting this plan into action,you have to realize one big thing. Where you live, your idea of people and reality have all been juggled and mixed in a giant cauldron, somewhere earlier in your life and you have a fukked up perception of what your life...
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    Such a Hard time Meeting New people

    You're okay First of all you need to know that you are okay and that life hasn't passed you by. For Christ sake you are only 19... or so you say:rolleyes: Next you need to stop fukkyn cryin .. One of the things guys do not realize is that in order to be good with women, you have to be able...
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    Movie Review: Hitch

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    Taste In Women

    Sooooooooo,'re saying ...... you're fat:D Edge
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    Jay Z is a DJ

    You are what people call a hypocryte. You are so quick to call him pigeon-holed when your entire lifestyle...indie lifestyle... centers around being pegion-holed..
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    Jay Z is a DJ

    Oh wait indie music is a fukkyn life-style,.... I'm sorry,.. what was I thinking..:rolleyes: My lack of understanding ??? Or your determined attempt to stunt the growth of hip hop.. {Oh and by the way... I use the word your to include all your other idiotic underground brothers and sisters}...
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    Jay Z is a DJ

    Keepin' what real?? What so 10 years from now when that one underground group you've followed hard core for years, cuts a demo that crosses over to the radio, you can say: I knew them first...:rolleyes: Edge
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    Regarding The_Mole's post

    Re: Re: Re: Regarding The_Mole's post The amount of years has absolutely nothin to do with it. White America is definitely not irrational in its haste to make us Blacks the token of race-relational-amendment.(so to speak):rolleyes: ,over all the other races present in the US today...
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    Regarding The_Mole's post

    Documented proof???.... Sure why not... Show us the names of the 2, 3, or even 4 Japanese/Chinese-American families you have sealed in the Jake vault of 'White America's wrong-doing'. Then maybe The Moles sorry-a$$ argument will be understood in its entirety and taken like a grain of salt by...
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    Need to ask out girl from gym without coming off as sleazy

    The reason I came to this site was for this exact reason.. To score some gyrl at the gym.. So I've been there... Without going into too much detail, I can tell you its overated and never works. Most chykks (98%) at the gym are certified-one hundred-percent-grade-A-attention whor*e... So if...
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    Get rid of all these members...

    Do what you you must, just don't disable DEMON or DEISEL... They will be back, me.. Edge
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    Dating Married Women !!

    My point exactly... If she gives me the go ahead or the green light: we haven't had sex in 6 months my husband works all the time he's fat , he snores he smells he drinks too much then should it matter if I don't commit and down the line she goes back to him,... I...