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    Lowering standards for release.

    I‘m only able to lower standards when i‘m drunk. I regret immediatelly after waking up xD
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    I know what you mean, but it didn't went this way. There were other triggers for her anxiety. Cancelled wedding, me not giving in on her ultimatums and rules i.e. She wasn't able to handle her anxiety and tried to control me to feel safe.
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    Nailed it. Exactly what my head is spinning over and over...
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    Thanks for your opinions. I really had thoughts over the last weeks, that the brakdown of this relationship was my fault... I hope this experience won't affect future relationships. My girlfriends before her where all "normal". This was the first i fell so hard for.
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    I tell you, now that everything makes a little bit more sense, i have a feeling of happiness, i never felt whole 2019.
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    Her mother is dominant, the father *****whipped, passive agressive. The father was never at home when she was young. Little to no affection from parents but a perfect picture on the outside. Sisters dominant, brothers in law ***** whipped and controlled. Unable to reflect her own behavior...
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    When i imagined being with her the next 10-20 years, i saw my whole self being falling apart. I alaways thought i had the jackpot. No orbiters and social media, got her life in order, ambitioned in her job, stunning beautiful, seemed like she was totally into me all the time... i could go on...
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    I already cut off contact completly. I'm still bathing in an hormone ****tail...
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    Back/neck problems and sleeping

    I feel with you. I had a severe whiplash in 2013. It caused a chain reaction though my whole body, from neck to shoulders, to lower back, to pelvis, to hips and ankles, even elbows. Work out. For me, compound exercises where key. If you sit throughout the day, stand up every half an hour...
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    Wow... Thanks for your insight. You summed up that whole relationship better than me. Her ex bf is pure evil in her eyes. They had exact the same problems. Can‘t tell you how often she compared me to him in the last days of our relationship. The last two months i felt like a zombie. Couldn‘t...
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    Which kind of woman did i escape here?

    I met my now ex girlfriend in early 2015, i was 27, she 22. We clicked instantly and she came up with beeing exclusive three weeks after our first date, she wanted me to move in together after already three months and i gave in after five. I never got along so good with a woman, she showered me...
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    In a LTR - if you begin noticing loss of intimacy/interest

    I broke off with my girlfriend of 4 and 1/2 years this year. She took me for granted over whole 2018, had sex every two weeks when it was nearly unbearable for me. Backing off and flirting like nothing happend didnt do anything. Only stating her that i cant live that way gave me sudden action...
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    Long Distance Relationships

    I had one years ago. LDRs cause you sexual frustration, i tell you. One of both is going to cheat.
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    No contact when you dumped her

    Greetings, what about NC when you dumped her? I only read about NC when she dumped you. I dumped a girl that went bossy and disrespectful because i didn't make her my number one priority. But sex was awesome. I told her that i did it because of her behavior. Can this work to let her come back...
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    Some motivational post break-up songs

    Back in the Game by Airbourne
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    One on one

    This monsieur is the best sign of an unhealthy relationship. And you know she doesnt like it...
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    Plate gets upset after sex

    i thought theres no noticable difference according to your load after vasectomy?!
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    One on one

    you are talking too much about that "coffee situation"... that doesnt bring you anywhere. stop discussing that, see what shes doing and act. do yourself a favor and stop overthinking.
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    Aggressive or Passive ?

    What Medina said, only i would not go for drinks with her. When she's this shy around you, conversation could be tough. I would go for some activity. Ask her what she likes or propse st. you like. Biking, hiking, whatever... I always find these kind more easy going.
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    How Much do you Exercise?

    rucking is a lot better for your joints than joggin/running ;)