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  1. AbleDad

    Epigenetic's and how you think

    My definition of epigenetics is that genes are either activated or deactivated through some combination lifetime experience. That combination can occur through a number of different mechanisms, which can all work cumulatively or counter-act each other, depending upon the circumstances. Factors...
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    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    My parents got divorced when I was 8. They went to court twice to fight over child support. So, I let my ex-wife "win" and set her terms. I left a lot on the table, but I feel that my kids are a lot better off than they would have been. My ex used to joke that "whoever dies with the most stuff...
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    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    We got married when I was 33 and she's 8-months older. She's a very successful attorney making 500k/year in a Fortune 10 company. I make 6-figures, but not 500k. We're both tall, attractive, smart, and socially adept. We had a good run (about 10 years) and we have two kids that have won the...
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    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    Your viewpoint is not common, but I've met women who feel the same way. They have their own money and they value their freedom more than the resources that they could extract.
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    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    My ex-wife and I got married to have kids, and we did that. If we met today, I don't know if we would get married. She has always made more money and she already had a previous marriage, so the incentive for marriage was never strong for her. I can't say that it was ever strong for me either...
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    How much contact do you need?

    The 57 year old guy is insecure (obviously). He should be attracting your interest, not demanding it. But you already know that, since you're on this forum.
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    How much contact do you need?

    Yes, "reflective mode" is correct. I think of it as the "bonus phase". I've achieved the big things that I want in life. The rest is a bonus. What that means, with regards to the OP, is that I prefer minimal drama. A lady shouldn't be bothering me at work or over-texting me. I've got other...
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    Friendzoned me after we already banged, saying she doesn't want to get emotionally attached to me because her ex is in her life

    Sometimes a lady just isn't that into you. It usually involves another guy(s). Happens to the best of us. Move on and find someone else, as others here suggest.
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    Step up cold approach game

    At age 53, daygame is the only way to go. Places like Whole Foods, the grocery store, farmers markets, etc. You strike-up a conversation as the opportunity presents itself. If you see a lady that you want to meet, you go speak with her. For intermediate-level daygame, where you have made at...
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    Epigenetic's and how you think

    Here's a link to a wiki that discusses the interaction between RNA and DNA in a single-celled organism (a nematode). Environmental factors stimulate RNA to "turn-on" or "turn-off" selected DNA. The mechanism has been observed but we really don't fully understand it yet...
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    Epigenetic's and how you think

    The sad truth is that we won't see any further research, because our society willfully ignores or refutes anything that is socially unpalatable.
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    Epigenetic's and how you think

    Here's a research study that stumbled upon the concept that homosexuality has epigenetic (environmental) causes: Also, there's research which stumbled upon the concept that learned traits can be passed onto...
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    so epstein hung himself are you surprised

    Similar to the Godfather movie trilogy, where the captain who turned was encouraged to kill himself while under FBI protection. Someone convinced Epstein that he had a lot to lose by staying alive. There's a lot of high-level people involved in this.
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    Road trip US to find a wife @40+ <hail Mary on tren>

    I've known quite a few people who did a lot of partying, found God and settled down (and had kids), then decided that it was boring and loosened up a bit. It takes some people a while to find balance in their lives.
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    meetup angle pros/cons and tips

    Why wouldn't you suggest a date at the meet-up? Sending an e-mail later is passive. It takes me 2 seconds to lock eyes with a lady and let her know that I'm curious about her. Light chit-chat while in a group, find an excuse to separate her for a bit, then ask her so that there isn't a bunch of...
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    What do you tell your sons?

    A few months ago while driving with my 16 year-old boy, we were having a "Dad to Son" conversation about women. As I finished parking the car in the garage, my son got out of the car, looked at me with some disdain, and said, "Dad, I get laid more than you do." I think that my boy will be just...
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    Still stuck

    I'm 53. I've only loved one woman in my lifetime. We were engaged when I was 27-28 years old. Things didn't work-out, I met someone else, got married, had a couple kids, got divorced when I was 41. Through fate, I was able to sit down for an evening and have drinks with my ex-fiancee about 10...
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    For the more, um, Mature among us...the dreaded ED!

    I've used Propecia off-and-on over the years and decided to quit for good a couple months ago. I've never had ED, but I feel that I have a bit more of an edge when I don't have the poison in my system. Maybe it's psychological, but I trust my body more than I trust a drug company.
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    Always nice to hear. Gratz!
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    End Game

    I agree with the concept, but I have to believe that you would pursue a quality lady if you crossed her path. Men aren't passive when we see something that we want. There seems to be a real quantity versus quality divide in this community. Of course, everyone will say that they have a taste for...