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    So Suave Guinness Book of World Records

    Who would be your picks if So Suave had it's own Guiness Book of World Records? Most verfied plates: Most posts within a year: Most likely to pass away at their keyboard: Most solid advice: Biggest BS artist: Poster most likely to never progress: Most improved poster: Or whatever So...
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    Does a man's SMV decrease if he gets married?

    There are men who claim and shame a man who gets married saying his SMV goes down because then he lets himself go. Other men say their SMV goes up because they are now a taken man and women want what they cant have. Which one is correct? I do not think either is correct so long as you stay in...
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    My no life GF is becoming a life coach.

    I told her if she becomes a life coach she might as well become a tarot card flipping, palm reader. Same pant load of useless horse-sh/t. Women are stupid and 'logic' based off emotions. Should i dump or do not dump her?