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    Discussion: The Top 10 Reasons Why Very Intelligent Men Fail with Women

    The article boils down to 'men think, women feel'. There is a lot of truth in this. Listen to how women talk and there's very little logical thought involved - its all about empathy (or anti-empathy), phatic communication and emotional bonding. A prime example of this was a group of...
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    If you're a "nice guy", prepare to get a taste of this.

    Nice thought, but emotional tampons tend not to get laid by their users. They reserve that for some other jerk similar to their boyfriend. :o
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    If you're a "nice guy", prepare to get a taste of this.

    'nor do i appreciate or want them due to immature ignorance..' Something tells me this was written by a man. It's just too self deprecating and insightful to be by a woman.
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    Chick set the date then flaked

    Man, this happens all the time. Here are my main theories on why women flake, in order of likelihood. 1. She has loads of men asking her out, so has no need to make firm arrangements because she knows there will always be some other a$$ kisser to date. The date just has no real 'value' to...
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    check this crap out! lol

    Actually looking at a few more of the posts, some of the advice is reasonable, but a lot of it is just cheerleading and non-advice like 'just be yourself' etc. They also don't really understand the concept of being a DJ and think it is the same as being a jerk/player.
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    check this crap out! lol

    Great God in heaven above, that site is utterly pathetic! What a sad bunch of AFCs. It got me angry just reading it. But there's no point trolling - there's none so blind as they that cannot see. When a man is ready for the way of the DJ, he will find it on his own - he cannot be lead to it.
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    Making a girl wait 7 days; too long?

    Cesare is right. The number close should be presented as almost an afterthought, eg 'hey I've really enjoyed talking to you. Perhaps we'll have another chat sometime...oh, give me your number so I can get in touch at some point.' If you haven't 'qualified' the lady it's likely she'll give...
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    Big Women

    As the saying goes, the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'. It's a balance though. Obese is not attractive, but nor is a woman with the figure of a 12 year old boy. :eek:
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    FIVE "Men Substitutes" Women Use...and How to "UN OPRAH" your life.

    The trouble is the post describes EVERY woman in the ENTIRE WORLD. You'll never find a woman who doesn't have at least one of the traits you mentioned. If such a woman exists, she's probably happily married. Being a DJ is about being clear about boundaries. If a woman starts behaving in...
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    "celibate" dilemma

    This is why I thank God for so.suave. Until I found this site I actually BELIEVED the BS excuses like this one that women give out, and spent ages agonising over them and wondering what to do about them, when all I needed to do was say 'next'.
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    Survey: What's the dumbest sh*t you've ever seen a guy do to get a chick?

    I was once on the top deck of a bus in Oxford, stuck in traffic. In the crowd on the street below, a stunning blonde HB9 was strolling along. This geeky looking guy in a long black overcoat saw her, and did a double take. Then he ran into a shop nearby, and came out with a huge bunch...
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    Effects of Sex and the City

    The only possible plus the show had was that it got women thinking a bit more about the more adventurous side of sex, but then womens' magazines had been doing this for decades anyway. I read somewhere that the original premise of the show was that women would feel sorry for the empty...
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    Depression sets it... What's your cure?

    Some great advice here. Bottom line is unless you are seriously depressed, ie suicidal, you don't really need a doctor, a counsellor or medication. You need sleep (regular hours, go to bed and get up at the same time every day, don't have naps), good diet (balanced with the right...
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    Because cohabitation is the next best thing. In England at any rate, cohabitation is almost compulsory as a precursor to marriage. Women know that a lot of men don't want to get married, so they can suggest cohabitation as a low risk alternative. The man agrees to this because he gets sex on tap...
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    "Buy me a Drink."

    Do a search, I think there's a thread on this, but my favourite reply is 'sure, if you buy me one first!' It's polite and will be interpreted well if her intentions are good, but will also be a good put down if she's just a money grubber.
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    Tricky situation

    Silverwex, for God's sake, stop texting. I know it is popular in the UK/Ireland, which is precisely the reason you SHOULDN'T be doing it. Girls have got into the habit of constant texting, and expecting a reply immediately. I It's just another method of controlling AFC men. If you meet...
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    Help--No ring , no sex!

    Just wear a fake wedding ring and say 'hey baby, I've just got married to someone else, so I've got the ring!' Seriously though, what are you worried about? This statement had two meanings: 1. she wants you to propose to her, or 2. she knows you won't and wants to get rid of you. Fair enough...
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    yes, women love bad boys

    Women do not love jerks. They love DRAMA. The sad fact is, in this twisted AFC society of ours, the jerk is the only one that (usually unconsciously) provides this drama, and hence the women flock to him. I am convinced that the DJ way works. Being independent, somewhat aloof, not...
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    Funniest reasons for being dumped

    'i can't believe it... i got dumped for the first time. is this what you call it? i thought.. being dumped was something like, "get out of my face, you have a bad personality and blah blah.."' Exactly what I used to think. The DJ learns however that the opposite is true - if a girl is angry...
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    Your opinions on the big picture

    True dat. And I bet a lot of these women were the exact same ones who, aged about 22, dated men around 30 because they were more 'mature' (ie richer and more DJ-like) than men their own age. Thus the sick cycle continues...