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  1. Artorius Castus

    article: 18 Older Men Reveal Their Biggest Turn-Ons Now That They’re More Mature

    Actually not a bad list. Kind of sums up to 'a mature girl' Here's the list: 1. Intelligence “I am just so tired of being with women who are too dense to grasp complex and difficult topics. I want to converse with someone who is smart enough to challenge my intellect and actually stimulate my...
  2. Artorius Castus

    Christian Grey is right – why you should go 50 shades – but how?

    I watched the first film of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' with my girl. I love these chick movies. I especially love to watch the antagonist Christian. See what he does, what turns the main character Ana on. So while she identifies with Ana, I identify with Christian and we enjoy watching the movie...