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    The Importance of Perspective

    STR8UP, You choose to apply focus on females but what is the point of this "proper perspective" you speak of? (I don't know why no one has asked thus far...) And I'm curious, what's the large scale goal for you? --In regards to life and the role of females within your life-- You say that...
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    My Hubby is one of you, so plz explain.

    Psych, Interesting post. Though, I'm not seeing the full connection of a couple things: So, Is there such a thing as "TRUE trust"? Virginity does not equate with trust. A person can trust on little more than things observed, actions and words. Should trust be lost by thoughts that are...
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    My Hubby is one of you, so plz explain.

    Quality Girl, Have you made any effort to "please" him without him approaching you? While many of us may not even realize it, the element of surprise and bringing new approaches to regular practices is usually very well received. Bluntly, if he comes homes from work tomorrow and sits on the...
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    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    Interesting coming back for the first time in a while to see such overall mediocre and full-blown irrational advice being given. Everyone has weakness and vulnerability or else were not human. People try so hard to rid themselves of such qualities by hiding it from others. It doesn't work...
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    Friend of 10 years turns into Fukk Buddy

    Str8up, I don't understand whats very interesting about this... You story shows you as a man of high value to women. If you have a female friend who thinks highly of you and has females in her life, then you better bet that she is sharing your very positive aspects to them. Females...
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    explain to me Iran

    Who let Ahmadinejad onto
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    Found out gf of 6 mo. has been cheating for the past 2...

    PHEW!!!! I feel so much better. Let me know how you and Rebecca are doing.
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    Found out gf of 6 mo. has been cheating for the past 2...

    Slick, My goodness man! If this is the girl that you posted about months ago then I am taking this very personally right now. From the way you described her months ago i thought (and I believe I wrote as well) that there was something "off" with the girl. I'm really sorry man. The...
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    Guys Would You Or No....

    She can do as she pleases but I don't date strippers or girls that get naked for money.
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    Crips Leader Executed...Was it Justifiable?

    Really? Have you heard of a state called Florida?
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    PARTY at my place! What do I need?

    you got enough places for people to sit? make sure seat form a circle so everyone is not facing your TV. have you hidden everything of value? Not just an issue of stealing but an issue of drunken breaking Lock your bedroom...unless you want radom dudes getting between your sheets i...
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    How can anyone enjoy the works of Dan Brown?

    Thankyou. Honestly, one person worthwhile of my time. 1776 was an amazing read. If you are into US history then read, 1863: rebuilding of a nation. It is a great book about the worst year of the civil war.
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    How can anyone enjoy the works of Dan Brown?

    Re: Re: How can anyone enjoy the works of Dan Brown? No, I stated that request, repeatedly, as to ensure that people who enjoy the lemming writings of today (such as most of the books on the NYT's best seller's list) did not repsond. (Though i should have known better) This was a "i...
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    Slick Tales

    Hey Slick, Concerning the first issues you posted on I would like you to notice that I gave you very little advice on specifics but really tried to give you insight into charecteristics that you should take a serious look into. (Don't worry I didn't think you were commenting on me personally)...
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    Just thinking about it, something I never understood...

    I think this situation relates only to you and your ex. I don't know any guy who is out there, so to speak, who has trouble with getting a younger girl. Most guys are pretty immature and to balance that get a younger girlfriend. While I am in your age range (very early twenties) I am...
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    How can anyone enjoy the works of Dan Brown?

    Simpletons need not answer. People that can count the number of books they have read with their fingers need not answer. People who enjoy the majority of New York Times best sellers (oh wait I already mentioned simpletons) need not respond. I am already sure I will get flamed to hell for my...
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    What are you reading? (Books)

    Siddhartha Herman hesse A farwell to arms or Anything hemingway Balzac-timeless
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    Your opinion of sexual morals?

    Jariel- I like and understand where you are coming from but you seem to be confused in your own decisions. When i read what you said It strikes a dead on comparison to a social commentary i read. That is that most people feel that anyone less religious then them are not doing enough and the...
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    Jessica Alba Topless?

    It's 2:45am and i opened that link up sitting in the basement by myself... ...Excuse me while I change myself...:o
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    SOSUAVE - Private Forum (invite only)

    Private forums already exist. To the people that support making sosuave a private forum: Think about what would of happened had you come here and it was invite only. There are thousands of people on this board and herds more join every day. How can you decide who is or is not a part of...