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  1. zekko

    Short Men Video

    I found this video on women and short men the other day. Nothing surprising really, it just explains why women prefer taller men. Makes sense, they think that if a guy is bigger, he will be better able to protect them, and they will feel safer with them. Biology and all. The one thing that...
  2. zekko

    Game of Thrones

    Had to mention this after tonight, hokey smokes that was an intense episode. A little too dark to see what was going on at times though. I'm sure some here will complain that the females came off looking too strong in this one, but regardless of that I thought it was pretty awesome.
  3. zekko

    Old Movies

    When I watch old movies, I like to see how the dating culture and gender roles have changed over the years. I just watched Soldier in the Rain on TCM from 1963 - Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason are buddies in the army. It was surprisingly good, I thought, considering I had never heard of it...
  4. zekko

    The Red Pill (movie)

    We talked about this movie a few years ago when it came out, but I was waiting until I could see it without having to pay for it, cheap bastard that I am. So I finally got to see it last night on Tubi (which is free TV, you don't even have to register, just tolerate some commercials). It's a...
  5. zekko

    Philip Seymore Owen

    I was flipping the channels last night and landed on a movie called "Punch Drunk Love". I've seen this before, I don't even remember what it's about, Adam Sandler plays some oddball, I don't know, not the point. But it had Philip Seymore Hoffman in it, and it struck me that at this point in...
  6. zekko

    What is it?

    What is it about being good with women that causes guys to look down on everyone who isn't good with women to such an extent? This phenomenon seems unique to this community. If you read a guitar forum, the guys who are good at guitar don't look at the guys who don't play as lesser human...
  7. zekko

    TurboTax Commercial

    Anyone see this TurboTax commercial? It reminds me of this forum whenever I see it. A guy tries to pick up a girl by impressing her with the app he came up with, and his name is even Chad lol. He kind of comes off as a loser PUA type, but he does do a few things that are spot on. First off...
  8. zekko

    Hardcover books

    I received a hardcover book for Christmas. Usually I prefer paperbacks, but in this case the paperback isn't out yet. I'm not a book collector by any means, but I was curious about something: I like to remove the dust jackets when I read a hardcover book, because they annoy me and get in the...
  9. zekko

    Bride of Frankenstein

    Anyone ever see this? This is my favorite of the old Universal monster movies. Even though I'm more of a Bela Lugosi fan, this is the best of the lot IMO. It's got the classic scene with the blind hermit (parodied in Young Frankenstein). This is a case where the sequel is better than the...
  10. zekko

    Question for female posters

    You often see the name James Bond mentioned here as a role model for a sexy man. Of course, he's just a fictional character, but no matter. For someone real, you see the actor Ryan Gosling mentioned a lot. Partly because he's good looking and women like him. But also because of his "PUA...
  11. zekko

    Designate a Driver commercial

    I keep hearing these Budweiser "Designate a driver" commercials on the radio. They're not the same as the ones on TV. I tried to find a copy of it on the internet but I didn't have any luck. They feature some guy who sounds southern/country who urges you to "Appoint...elect...designate a...
  12. zekko

    RSD Video

    I saw this video recently and thought it was amusing. I wouldn't watch the whole thing, just the field footage at the beginning. The rest is basically just Tyler trying to sell you on his program. I like the part from 0:55 to 1:04 where this guy is yelling at him for showing Little Owen to...
  13. zekko

    Did they change the font?

    Did they change the font on the site? It looks like the type in the body of the messages is lighter now. It's a little harder to read and I don't like it. I don't think it's an issue with my computer because none of the other message boards I visit look any different. This can't be my...
  14. zekko

    Tom Cruise might be finally showing his age

    I was at the movies and saw the trailer for Tom Cruise's upcoming Mission Impossible move, and I think he might be finally showing his age. It's not that he looks terrible, he just doesn't look so young and shiny anymore, he's starting to look a little waxen. I only bring this up because...
  15. zekko

    Undercover High

    I watched an episode of this show called Undercover High on A&E last week. The premise is they take some youthful looking adults and put them in high school to see what teens are up to these days, and what issues they are facing. Fairly boring stuff really, but a couple of things struck me as...
  16. zekko

    Gold and Silver

    I was wondering what some here thought about gold and silver as an investment. Lately I've been thinking about buying some. Not really because I think it is a good investment, just more of a whim really, I think it would be kind of cool to own some. And it would be a nice sort of thing to...
  17. zekko

    Why Men Aren't Marrying Video

    Found this video by a pastor about why men aren't marrying today. Mainly talks about how you are entering into a contract with the state, which will take the woman's side if she decides to leave. Nothing new, but I like this guy's style.
  18. zekko

    WWE Thread

    Tenacity had the idea to make a WWE thread to put all the wrestling discussion in. I thought it was a good idea, so I'm starting it. If it succeeds, he gets the credit, if it doesn't, well, my bad. I'm starting out by saying how happy I am that Matt Hardy has apparently finally reached some...
  19. zekko

    Sexual Harassment Accusations

    Have you noticed all the sexual harassment allegations being made in the news lately? It's like there's an epidemic. Al Franken, Louis CK, Roy Moore, etc. I've been hearing the word "groping" a lot. Here's an article with a fairly comprehensive list of those who have been accused since the...
  20. zekko

    Australian Cafe posts man tax

    I saw this on Fox News this morning. An Australian cafe charges men an extra 18% to compensate for the so called gender wage gap. The announcer asked "Why don't they just pay the employees 18% more"...