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    Fifteen Lessons

    I absolutely love this post. Anytime I'm down or have self-doubt, I can read it and snap out of the funk I'm in. When I'm feeling good, I can read it and remember to keep an even keel, and to focus my positivity on the outcome that I want to happen. When my son is of age, I will pass this on to...
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    Date with one girl turned non-date with two?

    Double post- SORRY!
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    Date with one girl turned non-date with two?

    Soju bar? Do those exist outside Korea? If so, I'd love to hit one!
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    Whats the deal with chicks that have a bunch of male friends

    IMO, its like one the previous posters said; attention. These girls may or may not be wh0res in the traditional sense, but they ARE attention wh0res! They are the girls that take 3000 pics (of themselves!) a night at the bar, know EVERY guy in the three nearest states, and have an 4/1 guy to...
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    Observation: the best sex happens when it's "not allowed"

    I agree with the OP. It seems like I also get more turned on, and get off harder, when there is a degree of inappropriateness (is that a word?) involved. Just a week ago I banged my ex-brother-in-law's baby mama. They are not together, and haven't been in over a year, but if my ex wife's family...
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    Big Booty / Thick Thighs * Love em, but cant get em

    I'm with the OP on this one. Skinny girls just don't do "IT" for me. One of my best friends/ sarging buddies LOVES ultra-skinny girls. I'm always happy to wing for him and talk up the girls with the donk! As far as having to come off like a badass, I haven't run into that. It seems to me...
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    Interesting Story, I kind of feel bad for this guy

    I would've smiled ear to ear as I tore that ticket up! Then I'd have looked at her in disgust and said "GOOBYE!". No need to ever talk to that one again! I'd say this guy was lucky to not have invested all that much into this BYTCH to find out just how she really is. The $ for those tix was $...
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    I have 3 with plans for many more. Chicks usually dig 'em. I've never been told, "Gee jnice48146, I'd love to go out with you, but I can't because you have tattoos." On the contrary, I've been told that the tatts caused a girl or two to notice me.......
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    This girl I'm dating doesn't masturbate, nor has any (visible) orgasms. What can I do

    ^agreed. I had an LTR that loved to have sex, but I could NOT make her cvm! She's the only one that I absolutely couldn't. The only time that she did was under the following conditions: 1. She was very tipsy or drunk. 2. She would jam on her cl1t while I was straight up POUNDING her in "the...
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    'Daddy' in bed

    I don't think that it necessarily does. Lots of people, both men and women, are into "role play" in bed. The forbiddenness and taboo is the turn on. If she actually had sex with her father before, I doubt it would be a pleasurable experience that she would want to relive. I say roll with it and...
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    Is this really women in a nutshell ?

    I think the OP's friend is on the right track, he just comes off as a bit "course". I agree with the jist of what he layed out there.
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    How the hell do you guys get replies on POF?

    Dude, your profile is WAY too much info! By the time they've read this there isn't any mystery left about you! I can understand your effort to be "straight up" on your profile, but that's too much (imo). Also, you ABSOLUTELY need good pics! Action pics of you with friends, etc. Avoid the...
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    A painful lesson

    Look, sometimes you treat a woman like gold and she pulls the same shyt. The problem is that WOMEN don't even know what women want at any given moment. It changes day to day, hour by hour. Get over it. There's only about 3 billion other women on the planet, many of whom are far superior to this one.
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    Looking for some opinions on this unfamiliar situation

    ....and we have a winner! OFWHAP was correct. She is now back with the ex-BF. Thanks for playing! UGH!
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    Looking for some opinions on this unfamiliar situation

    Yeah, Sod, I was wondering how much it had to do with what "H" and the other girls might say, too. Chicks are mortified at the thought of looking like a slvt to their homegirls. All {I know for sure is "H" called me last night to make plans for Saturday and said that BFF is DEFINITELY coming, so...
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    No Contact Implemented !

    Listen to Adonis and Faded Image, especially the part about the facebook pics! I posted one from a wedding reception of two girls kissing me on the cheek about 3 weeks after going NC and, from what mutual friends told me, she went NUTS!!!!
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    Looking for some opinions on this unfamiliar situation

    ^ Thanks. That makes sense. I'll just continue to keep her low priority and f-close her as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I thought it was a little fishy that she would be wanting to meet a new guy 2 weeks after getting out of an LTR (of course I didn't know that going in). Maybe this...
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    Looking for some opinions on this unfamiliar situation

    Ok, its like this; I have a close female friend (we'll call her "H"), her BFF sees my pics on her camera and thinks I'm "yummy", asks to meet me. I get with "H", her BF, and another couple @ a bar. The BFF meets us there. We have a couple drinks, then we all venue change. I isolate BFF and...
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    She Showers "Every Other Day"...

    Dude, I'm totally with the OP on this one. You gotta keep the vajayjay clean or else it will smell like a hot, wet compost heap. How do you think your sack smells on day 2 with no shower, and its external! Anyone who is okay with this is desperate or something. They probably wouldn't mind if she...