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    Timewasters (Red Flags to Look Out For in Girls)

    When I just started taking down numbers of every girl I had the slightest interest in, I observed exactly what you said, there are always low interest women in the mix or women who keep giving you the high and lows. But I am affected very little by their behaviour and I always rotate to the...
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    Ex texts me to talk…How should I respond?

    I would just ignore her and not initiate any contact. If she manages to force you for a response be polite and let her know that you are not interested in anything to do with her no matter what and she should stop trying to get in touch. you rinse and repeat the above until she gives up. If...
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    Been single for a few months now

    I’m 27, writing this here to empty my mind and to get your POV on what I could change. So I got out of a 4 year LTR, to this day after about 3-4 months I haven’t gone back to my ex even though she keeps coming back and It makes me really proud about myself. I just regret not ending it sooner...
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    Took a whole day to respond if she wanted to hang out

    Once I’m back from my vacation next week I’ll set up a date and check if she confirms. I think that’s the only way to know what’s on her mind.
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    Took a whole day to respond if she wanted to hang out

    I’m 27 average looking man who likes writing code for a living. I met this girl on a solo day hike where we tagged along till the summit and clicked a few pictures. We exchanged numbers to share the pictures. She is a resident doctor at a hospital in the city and is currently doing her...
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    My ex is driving me crazy

    Hi I’m 26 and broke up with my gf of 4 years. I went no contact and blocked her from everywhere and I have no intention of going back to her because I am tired of her bs. she has gone bat **** crazy and has been writing me emails everyday, if that did not work she got my name permanently...
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    Do dating apps work for you ?

    I started looking out for dates recently since I’m lonely and trying to get over my ex who is filling up my inbox every day with passive aggressive messages to get back which I definitely don’t want to get back to. I’ve tried tinder and bumble so far for about 2 weeks. Got matched with about 1...
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    Having seconds thoughts after breaking up a 4year ltr

    Hi I’m 26 years old who recently broke up with my gf because she lied to me where she was and made no effort to clarify when I confronted her red handed. The reason I broke up is because I have trust issues with her since she had lied to me in the past and was fooling around with a guy so i...