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    And this is why you don't mess in your social group...

    Just do what you wanna do, too many people on this board wanna think things through.
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    Does she want to get fudged ? ( Part 2 )

    Shouldnt have givin that last text my opinion, I never text girls after a night with them. You really gained nothing from sending that text imo )
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    She's got a boyfriend, but shows mixed signals. Help?

    Bang her )) Keep doing what your doing and make sure to not act like you care bout the boyfriend, it was good you kept the convo between you guys and ignored the BF IMO
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    Dumb girl wants to be single, I'm an idiot

    Maybe you should act sexual with her? sounds like you been acting like a friendly chump...
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    The Girl With The Boyfriend.

    Just isolate her obviously, if your trying to up things when people are around she aint gonna bite, get her alone if your room and if needed get drunk )) HAVE FUN
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    Need some help with a homecoming situation

    LOL tell him to get stuffed and go with Friend B, why the hell do you wanna be stuck with an ugly girl, you owe your friend **** tbh, live life for yourself.
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    Conversational skills lacking

    Do kino? Just start a playful fight or somethin and make the girl giggle like a squirrel
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    An interesting message ))

    What bout trusting the little man )
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    An interesting message ))

    Hey,.... How do you feel about her? and.... Have you noticed? She has a thing for you n_n ^ From a friend of the girl over facebook , she has sent me a few messages before just being nosey and I sent some amusing replies back. This message was out of the blue and there was no reason for it...
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    Got the balls to kino, now I need to step it up (its quite long btw...)

    Well to me I think there point was to CONSISTENTLY ESCALATE, I think that was the point, dont just suddenly one day walk in and start trying to get her number and asking to meet her, make progress each time so its gets to a point when she is DYING for you to ask her out, or she will do it...
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    I dont think she will care about you having a gf, like if she was into you nd you made the right moves she would pull you most likely.a I think the reason the flirtation has dropped is because from the sounds of it you havent really done anything to suggest you want to be more then a friend...
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    Got the balls to kino, now I need to step it up (its quite long btw...)

    Ah keep it consistent, that should be no problem, because now that I have done this I KNOW I can keep it up, it was just the first step. And about the whole 'sexual harassment at work', thats one of the factors I been so slow about it as well I feel (along with the fact my game is not quite the...
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    Got the balls to kino, now I need to step it up (its quite long btw...)

    Alright Sosuave, I dunno what happened but things just clicked for me and that was it, felt like old times. Where I work basically I am about 90% positive there is this girl that digs me, but the problem was I never had the balls to like take it further, like I could talk and make her laugh...
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    Got this message, my thought on it :p

    Hey I sent a pretty amusing message and got a reply ... shes like that! She even hits on me! Dont act like you dont like it ;D butreally shes way fun wait untill you've known her for a long time she wont be so weird then hahaha any suggestions on what I should say next? You guys helped me come...
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    Got this message, my thought on it :p

    if the answer is "the op is an above average specimen of alpha maleness, looks good, well groomed, takes care of business," Well I am tall, good looking (even one of my best mates who is a male said 'your the best looking guy I know' mmm and girls I have known in the past have said that I am...
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    Got this message, my thought on it :p

    Lol it honestly isnt, cause my friends dont even know who this girl is, and yeh well the girl who sent me the message requested me as a friend first and is clearly a real person zzz. LOL I really find what you said hilarious.
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    Got this message, my thought on it :p

    Hey got this totally random Facebook (yah I know) message from this girl who I work with 'best friend' : I know you dont know me and all, but i think you know my best friend ----!! do you work together? what do you think of her?? ive known her for 5 whole years X_X Like this is as I...
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    Fifteen Lessons

    Great post, still getting read to this day just shows how good it was
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    Trouble getting it up for one night stands...fuuuuuu

    drinking can kill it, perhaps weed if you smoke it alot, usually when im stoned tho im fckin horny as a bean
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    Lol-approaches: Sarging purely for the lolz.

    Awsum man usually I act like a goof to, makes it fun imo and as long as you have a cheeky grin and arent being serious lookin I think you can get away with just about anything, I am known for saying quite outrageous things :) Even if they dont like it you just get a laugh and move on