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    Live while you can; society gonna plunge in ~30yrs

    Just a heads up for all you guys here. If anyone has any REALLY LONG term plans for the future, forget it. I just spent a quarter studying and debating issues that affect the entire world, and I've come to the conlusion that we're looking at a bleak future. The first issue is global warming...
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    best workout for shoulders, lateral delts specificaly

    Hi guys, I'm doing some routines to get big guns, and right now, my shoulders, especially the lateral deltoids, needs some serious muscle. What workout would you guys recommend to really focus on this area to develope it the fastest? I'm experimenting with cable lateral raises, cable upright...
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    protein intake limit

    I heard somewhere that the body can only absorb about 30 grams of protein in one meal. Can anybody confirm this? If it's true, I'm gonna have to adjust my diet
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    "I have a boyfriend"

    4 words that will will throw me off in a convo. How do I respond to this? Say we're talking and I ask her out, and she throws this line at me? I wouldn't go after her after hearing this, but how to do I back out of this gracefully?