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  1. nismo-4

    The Conflicting Intentions Of Men & Women

    Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Likely commitment too. Until a man is chosen by a woman, he's not a gatekeeper of anything. A commitment can't happen unless sex happens first, but there are guys that'll offer commitment prior. That's how women have lately become gatekeepers of commitment. A...
  2. nismo-4

    New strategy for securing straight to your house dates

    Meeting women and getting their numbers is fine, but are you actually dating and having sex with them? Most guys aren't. The other cope men are doing is "ignoring women" under the guise of "focusing on themselves". How is one ignoring women when he has no women to ignore? Truth is he has no...
  3. nismo-4

    New strategy for securing straight to your house dates

    If you ever want to find out what it's like to have a kid, buy a BMW that's out of warranty and drive it daily. The upkeep is the same as raising the kid. Wanna find out what it's like getting a single mom pregnant? Buy a 10 year old Range Rover and drive it daily for 10 years. The maintenance...
  4. nismo-4

    New strategy for securing straight to your house dates

    Or being a famous multimillionaire. If you're not aesthetically appealing, buy the aesthetical. Buy IG clout too. Buy height if necessary.
  5. nismo-4

    New strategy for securing straight to your house dates

    They act as if they do have abundance. Even if they just block and unmatch a girl that shows disinterest, well at least the guy has his right hand and a Playstation controller. Point is, acting in abundance without actually having it is doomed to fail. An OLD match isn't such unless sex happened.
  6. nismo-4

    Article recommends saving up for 100K GBP "divorce fund"

    I'll buy another Lexus before being married. Also, I'd better be a millionaire, house and cars completely paid off. A Lexus will last you longer than a majority of marriages today.
  7. nismo-4

    Anyone else experiencing huge drop off with Dating Apps?

    I notoced this in particular with POF. I used a boost and the only message I got was some 59 year old who was saying I keep showing up and it's a glitch. I told her she was not attractive and just a miserable attention wh0re. I used to get dates easy on POF until 2023. My last date was in that...
  8. nismo-4

    Matched girl gives me her instagram

    She dropped it because you refused to be a fan, simp, or orbiter. That's good. Also, let's address the root cause. She didn't find you attractive. This girl on another app must think the same if she's offering Snapchat. You're not Chad, Tyrone, Enrique, Vishnu, Justin, Richard, Chang, Hiroshi...
  9. nismo-4

    Do and Don'ts of trying to meet women at the gym

    And if she don't come up to you, she's not really interested. And if she puts herself in your vicinity, deal with her in a matter-of-fact way. She could still be an attention wh0re. Otherwise, don't look at her unless it's eye contact. Don't be a creep. Case closed. Go finish your bench press.
  10. nismo-4

    Matched girl gives me her instagram

    No going to IG. Unless you have a blue check, a Lambo, and 100k followers. OP, either she wants to disqualify you, wants another follower, or is trying to get you to subscribe to her Onlyfans. It's 2024. Be like *NSYNC. She fails to comply, send her Bye Bye Bye! Case closed.
  11. nismo-4

    Why Nichemaxxing beats Gymaxxing & Game

    I went to a junkyard to source parts for my dad's Chrysler on a day I had a date with a white girl (since went bad BTW). I got a message from a Bumble milf who was quite interested. We messaged and ended up meeting the next day, smashed the next week. Despite smashing 2 other milfs days prior...
  12. nismo-4

    Two things improved my Bumble messaging interactions

    My gripe with Bumble is that I'll match, but there's a lot of locked doors and dead ends. I used to get matches, numbers, and dates left and right, loved the app. Now it's crappy. I can't even get past the first phonecall. If you get a luxury car, buy a Benz, Porsche, or Lucid. Japanese lux...
  13. nismo-4

    They say women hold the key to sex, men to relationships

    Women have the key to sex, absolutely correct. Men kinda have the key to relationships. A woman can get sex quicker than ordering Doordash. Most men can't get a relationship within a month of trying. Sex has to happen first before a relationship happens. Women choose when that happens. And if...
  14. nismo-4

    My Advice After 2 Decades Dealing With Women

    Give that fat slob 3 million dollars, a Lamborghini, a RR Cullinan (to haul his new TV and Playstation 5) an IG with a blue check plus 100k followers, and a penthouse. I guarantee he'll enjoy sex with real women while he plays Halo, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Much better than whacking it to Lara...
  15. nismo-4

    Getting with older women

    I've dated women that were 21 that were immature teenagers. I've dated women that were 71 that were immature teenagers. The vag is still there. The crazy is still there. Older women play games too. If any of you had a chance to get with a older woman who was attractive or spend 5 more hours...
  16. nismo-4

    Approach/text journal - what is it?

    So much dry texting from her. This was doomed from the start. And you didn't trounce the competition for her, let's not kid ourselves. I'm not big on gym approaches. Become a celeb or a personal trainer first.
  17. nismo-4

    "I hope you have a good weekend"

    You were being cordial. Whoopdy-doo. Did you smash? You know you wanted to, don't kid yourself. Maybe you just wanted to have a fun night out. Outcome independence is good, but I guarantee she went by Chad when she get off work. Likely used your tip money to feed him. OP, she sees you as a...
  18. nismo-4

    Any PUAs consider RippleMaxxing?

    I thought this was about crypto, but what the hell is this? Maybe they'll make these smaller and less visible. But do they work?
  19. nismo-4

    "Give me the week to think about it"

    Why am I taking this case? OP, don't be surprised if she took some Chad dik on the Cancun trip. She's not interested at this time. Either wait till she comes back and hope for the 1/256 chance she calls you. Or just unmatch her and move on to a new chick. Everybody in the court, say it with...
  20. nismo-4

    Why you should call her before you go out with her.

    Or she found you unattractive in person compared to your competition. Women don't worry about sex since they can get that at anytime. Most guys on this forum couldn't do that, well if they could they wouldn't be here. With OLD, there's a lot of locked doors and dead ends. Like these: 1. Don't...