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    Help me with an outfit, what blazer colour/style with what

    Lots of colours go with a navy blazer but you need a bit of contrast so mid grey, light grey, cream, and fawn are good options.
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    Help me with an outfit, what blazer colour/style with what

    Solid navy blue is the most versatile colour for a blazer. The more coarse the weave, generally the more casual the jacket. Pair it with a polo shirt or a button-down collared shirt. Add a tie to latter if you want a more formal look. Go for a shirt in a contrasting colour to the blazer - pale...
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    is BPD an absolute no-go zone?

    Why not? Because a BPD can ruin you, your family, cost you your job, and your liberty and think nothing of it. So the answer is no. Not even for recreational use. Trust, me it's not worth it.
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    Women are cold as ice( and that's oke)

    Even then, that's not the case for all of them. More women than you think turn their backs on their kids, even when they're young.
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    Football hooliganism

    Leeds Service Crew circa 1984-1990.
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    Intellectual Obesity

    Agreed. A lot of people who think they're good writers are verbose and over-complicate things. But actually good writing is about being concise.
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    Hmm. Unfortunately though, I suspect that Bible Belt is right. You posted quite a bit about your marriage over recent months and none of it sounds harmonious. One way or another though, it sounds like your wife is losing a bit of respect for you or, I dunno, maybe you're just on a different...
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    Girlfriend takes longer to respond than usual

    Seems like a good way to proceed.
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    Why do you think male models tend to be slim and trim and not bulky jacked guys? (you don't need to answer, it's a rhetorical question). I do lift BTW, my aim isn't to be big and bulky though, it's not a good look at my age. Nor is it healthy. Some years ago, however, I was somewhat larger...
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    Most jacked guys look good in a fitted t-shirt and other casual clothes, but that bulky bodybuilder look often doesn't translate so well into formal wear - suits, ties, blazers, etc. A slimmer, more athletic look tends to look better then.
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    In my experience, clothes, style, dress and deportment become more important with age. Yes, you need to be in shape as well, but frankly you're not going to be as jacked in your 50s as in your 20s or 30s (unless, of course, you want to kill yourself on gear). So, to me, a combination of being...
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    Wife cut her hair

    A lot of women find it hard to grow long hair once they hit the menopause. It also tends to be more brittle and harder to keep in good condition, so it is hard work for an older woman to have good-looking long hair. So, there's a reason why long hair is a sign of youth.
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    Wife cut her hair

    I like long hair but shoulder length can still be good. It's short hair, that cropped spikey or short back and sides look I'm not into.
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    Women don’t know what beautiful women look like

    I found this is generally the case. They also want you to fail and will enjoy it if you do. And, yes, unfortunately I think it's a largely British thing.
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    Indirect Game

    I also think the strip club analogy is quite good. It might be a bit extreme but it makes you think about the balance of power in these relations.
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    Men with Naturally High Testosterone Levels

    That's advice, man.
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    Top Soccer player Kaka's wife divorcing him, cause he's too perfect

    The divorce rate among former professional footballers (and most other professional sportsmen) is, I believe, very high. On one hand, their fame and fortune usually goes down and they tend to 'lose frame' as they lose the confidence and respect once accorded to them by all and sundry - many...
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    G/F (of sorts) makes request to wear condom

    If she's BPD get rid of her whatever. You're better off without a woman than with a BPD woman.
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    Need Help

    Once attraction and respect are gone, it's over. I know it's hard to come to terms with, but it's best to walk away. Otherwise you're going to end up hurt and humiliated. If we're honest, we've all been there.
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    How to deal with a crazy woman?

    That must be a relief. You may well have dodged a bullet there, my friend.