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    My Bootcamp, join if you want! (Course description)

    I would do it, but I've already mastered up to week 8 so I guess I'm on my own.
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    Sarging at track meets

    Alright, today I was at a big track meet with about 8 teams there (guys and girls) so I figure it would be a good place to do some sarging of girls from other towns. I don't do any before my event so that I won't lose focus, but right after I'm done and I don't feel nausious any more I go look...
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    phayz's poem

    I don't mean to be a jack@ss, but phayzrks, this is not the DJ outlook. It is, if anything, an illustration of why you should use the 3 second rule. If you had just moved your body towards the girl as soon as you saw her, you wouldn't of thought all those negative thoughts, and your sarge would...
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    phayz's poem

    This is a terrible poem. "All my thoughts of confidence are dead"? "Did she look, was that a sign"? Come on, we get enough AFC crap from the media every day. The stuff you post here should inspire people to be better DJs.
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    I went for it part 2

    She did xxx, what does it mean is NOT a legitimate question for a DJ. It doesn't matter what it means, you do the same thing anyway.
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    Ever felt like crap? Stuck in a rut? Motion determines emotion... read this!

    Sonick, this is the best post I've read in a long damn time. Good insights, thanks for sharing them with us. If you have any other good Tony Robbins stuff or other stuff post it because that was great. 5 stars
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    Strengths and Weaknesses

    Strengths 1. Very intelligent 2. Built 3. Athletic 4. Funny 5. Testicular Fortitude Weaknesses 1. Short 2. Disorganized 3. Lazy 4. Forgetful 5. Drive a Ford (Hey, it's not as easy as you think to come up with five weaknesses about yourself)
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    I made her cry...Need help fast!

    Hahahahaha Yeah, I think death is a pretty funny thing, especially when it involves fish. Lately I've become addicted to telling people to kill themselves. Example: Girl: [*****es about how she failed her test, and has so much stress, and blah blah blah] GF: Hmm [thoughtful nod]. You...
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    Prom: AFC or not?

    Problem is, all my friends are National Honor Society/ Teens Organized Against Drugs type of people. The post prom is an official, school-organized event, so needless to say there won't be much getting wasted there. Here's what I figure for $$$ My ticket $50 Her ticket (!) $50 My part of...
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    What Do I Say?

    "Nice, I'm going to start wearing these every day!"
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    Prom: AFC or not?

    I have a junior prom coming up, and I've been debating whether or not to go. I could get a date easily because all of the freshmen and sophomores want someone to ask them, but it won't be a guaranteed lay. As a matter of fact, my friend wants to rent a limo for a big group, so I don't see how I...
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    Struck a goldmine!

    1. Isolate 2. You have a boyfriend...I have to respect that, because I think relationships are really important(lmao). I know there's no way you could just STOP....and imagine us going out and doing xxx, laughing and having a great time. But as you do that, doesn't it just seem inevitable that...
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    Its working!! is actually WORKING!!

    I don't know how this worked for you, I think associating with UGs is actually negative social proof.
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    "Nice CF" ???

    lmao As you were walking away, you should of slapped her ass and said "how was that kino?"
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    How do you act ****y and funny?

    It's very ****y and funny if you drown yourself, or maybe just read the bible.
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    Girls as Objects

    "Because girls treat me like an object...a sex object"
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    Practical, EASY, Romantic, Time-TESTED "Endearing" Style Points: Must READ

    This is an excellent guide to supplication. Except for the last one.
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    Bishops Journal

    Where exactly do you get Bishop's journal?