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    Looks/money don't matter

    If you don't pass her looks criteria NOTHING else matters...
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    Cultivate feelings of attraction & desire, not feelings of obligation

    The only important part of this post is: "She said she was uncomfortable with people at the gym knowing that she was going out with someone there." This indicated LOW, LOW interest and was time to move on... ...everything else here is meaningless.
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    how can you tell if she is in love with you? Without her saying it...

    Yeah - if shes still doing all those in 40 years time you've got a winner.
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    Why do women do this?!

    The answer you need is - date girls with high IL!
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    Flaking on Valentine's Day

    NEVER contact her again!
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    To buy flowers or not?

    A funny card would be just right. Its MUCH too soon to be buying gifts even if it is Valentines (coporate marketing) Day..
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    Porn/Looking at models gives me higher standards?

    These women are hot due to camera angles, lighting and editing, its an illusion.
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    Marriage and Controll

    You knew exactly what she was like BEFORE you started dating yet you still married her?... Divorce and quick!
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    I want to sleep around...what does a real DJ do?!

    A man has respect for himself and others - so end it with your gf then you can 'screw around' till your **** drops off...
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    she is as hard as a ROCK....comment, tips, helps for me?

    These are the words of a woman with VERY, VERY low interest - next!
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    Boyfriend versus her friends?

    Well I acted neutral and guess what - she just called up and said she'd realised it wasn't fair when we'd already made plans and she'd rather go out with me after all...
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    Boyfriend versus her friends?

    My current girl and I have been going out for four months now. She ticks all the boxes - extremely loving, giving, devoted, makes me feel like a king etc. Our relationship is pretty much 'perfect'. Over the last few days we'd been talking about going for a hike on Saturday, however today...
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    Should I just lose this bytches number already?

    Move on! The goal is to find a girl that makes it easy to get together, the type thats thinking of you all day, txting you, dropping hints, asking you questions or even asking you out. Being too busy and not calling you back is the EXACT opposite of what you want. Completely forget her.
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    hate talking on the phone but...

    NEXT! - she sounds like a crap girlfriend.
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    The Official "Post a pic of the fattest chick you've ever fooled around with" thread

    Looks like a happy woman, travelling the world, trying out new experiences - if you looked deeper than mere visuals you'd see so much more...
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    Sh!t you can say to make a girl say awww

    Shut your mouth and kiss her with passion. Let actions talk for you.
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    Should I Pursue Her or Just Leave Her

    Low interest = next!
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    GF Thinks I Should Walk Her Home After Dates

    I'm getting a loss of interest from her and shes trying to come up with a reason to stop seeing you... When someone is head over heels for you (as it should be), they don't just decide 'we shouldn't meet each other for some time'
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    GF Thinks I Should Walk Her Home After Dates

    Yes - a classy guy makes sure his girlfriend is safely home after a date. However, the problem here is that you are basically in a long distance relationship, and this is an example of why its never a good idea...