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    Tag posts that are in the Bible

    Allen, Is it possible to tag posts that are included in the Bible so when we see them in the discussion forum, we know that they are extra special.
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    My insightful date on Friday night. What not to do on a date.

    Interesting Date Last Friday Night. Last Friday night reinforced a lot of the DJ Principles for me. I got to see first hand WHY we do things the DJ way and how you look when you don’t do things the DJ way. Background I joined a volleyball group several months ago as an outlet for meeting new...
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    Need suggestions on becoming more people oriented

    Recently Mistyc was expressing some discourse with himself. His comments made me realize something about myself as well. I am a Task Oriented Person. I focus on the task at hand. The opposite of this would be a People Oriented Person, who, while executing a task they focus on the human aspect...
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    The Ultimate Kino Guide

    Ultimate Kino Guide “For the longest time I underestimated the importance of what we call kino.” Trickynick posted 12-17-2001 Kino, a powerful and misunderstood tool in the DJ arsenal. To better understand this foreign concept I searched the DJ forum like a man on a mission. I searched over...
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    what's at this link? it's something about kino Neophyte recommended it
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    search engine

    AbsoluteFreakinChump's sig screws up my search on the word kino. Is there anyway to get around that?
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    Need a search feature for the dj bible

    you know!
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    Progression of an AFC to a Master DJ via the Matrix

    Progression of an AFC to a Master DJ via the Matrix I’ve been chasing skirt ever since I hit puberty. My progress with the ladies has never been disheartening, but not stellar either. In all of those 14 years, I have never made more progress than the last six months under the DJ Bible. In...
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    what do YOU say when a girl asks you, "How many women have you been with?"

    Guys, you know they always ask you this. Either right before you do it or right after. I always avoid the question. A friend of mine answers with, "How many stars are in the sky?" How do you answer that question?