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    The Purpose Of Man

    Great post! :up: Concise and to the point.
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    Don't wait for a sign of interest.

    Excellent post.
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    Neil Strauss: Marketing Ploy

    Sounds like Strauss is turning himself into a Marketing Guru :confused: On a more serious note: You'd have to have rocks in your head to buy those DVDs . . .or be an avid collector of PUA/Seduction material :crackup:
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    Australia- Melbourne

    I'm from Melb as well. PM me sometime . . . . .
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    To the Australian Dj's ?

    SpyLounge (on King Street) is worth a look, and Heat or Odean at the Casino are also worth checking out. ;)
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    Anti-DJ site headed by a woman

    Stu, I'll acknowledge that some of her stuff is good, but (like this site) not everything she says or writes is or should be taken as gospel. At the end of the day, we're all entitled to our opinions, and we're all different. What works, makes sense, and rings true for some won't be...
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    Anti-DJ site headed by a woman

    Interesting. . . . . I've just read the "Why" section. Sounds like the chick has a few issues and is basically full of herself. ;) And of course, slamming this site is utter BS. And the reading continues. . . . .
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    Destroying Social Phobias

    Bump. Because I almost missed reading it :D
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    Epic Tale of Transformation (Long!!!)

    bump. A great read!
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    Evil Bit¢h Shields!

    Nice work fingers. There's something in your post for us aspiring AFC-prone DJs to remember - We all have a spine ;)
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    The Progression Of The Don Juan

    I reckon this paradigm would warrant a chapter in your book Page!! Personally I believe this is a central concept of being a DJ. ;)
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    BUMP. Yep, it works....give it try for a couple of weeks!
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    I did it!!!!!!!!

    Hey, I'm gunna give it a try! Nice work G W.
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    Everything You Need To Know!

    BUMPITY-BUMP-BUMP Damn fine post De La Soul!
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    How to stop getting nervous around women.

    Wow!!!! What a great tip.......Gotta try this out. Thanks D L S
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    We DJS need...

    I agree with this idea 100%. Access based on merit (contribution and quality of posts, etc) would be a good idea. Just my $0.02 worth.....
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    The true chick magnets...

    A very good point. Don't ever lose sight of this guys...... IMHO it's a very desirable characteristic to acquire. My DJing efforts have impoved as a result of striving to operate this way.
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    Tip #5: Dealing with Fear

    Nice Post. Darn I wish I had of read it yesterday.......
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    The 3 Keys of Success with the opposite sex...

    Nice post Wyldfire.........just what I need to motivate me for a big clubbing night tonight. Thanks!