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  1. ubercat

    Only date women that show high interest from the start

    This idea pops up here periodically. And there is some truth to it. Easier and generally true but you will leave some chips on the table. Men are the product. We are in sales. I think it is pretty straightforward if she keeps turning up-to-date she is doing her job. Im early stage dating...
  2. ubercat

    When is it too much?

    Yea and this is a self improvement site so Apologies in advance I am going to should on you. Deeper issue is that you should have have a bunch of positive activities in a routine you do so you just shouldn't have that much time available
  3. ubercat

    More PMs with a common problem...

    Back OT yea agree with RM. It's just another form of Oneitis. Your attitude should be if I can score 1 hottie I can score another. And make sure you get a few selfies with. Ideally with obviously her but in a group setting so you have a bit of deniability. Get a few pic with 2 different...
  4. ubercat

    More PMs with a common problem...

    Haha I get the PMs and provide a few thought bubble ideas. Then ask them what research they have done. And what ideas of theirs we can discuss. And this will totally shock you. At that point 95 % disappear.
  5. ubercat

    Lonely, Single Men

    Idk guys. I mean I literally don't know.I m nearly 60 chubby not rich Get lots of semi flirting from chicks. And that is in Australia which everyone seems to agree is top 3 of the worst for chicks I m sure if went hard I could get ph numbers. What I don't know is if anyone would ever...
  6. ubercat

    Tying the knot at 93 to a woman 40+years younger…

    She s obviously wealthy enough to afford her own plastic surgery and it doesn't look cheap work.
  7. ubercat

    Think i am starting to lose interest in life

    If I had the answers I d start a cult/YT channel. I m very slowly starting reading on stoicism. The answers better men than me have come up with have been covered here: family, community, service. I d add building character to support all of those founded on the pillars of self-reflection...
  8. ubercat

    They think you’re invincible

    Hmm that's a bit skewed. I don't find friends reliable either. Just have a look at your old phone contacts the people who drifted in and out with the tide. I had two good mates go bad over covid one religious anti vaxer the others case of short guy syndrome went OTT. The older I get the...
  9. ubercat

    Not sure how to be happy as I get older

    Mate you still have an escape window. Start up a side business and go digital nomad.
  10. ubercat

    They think you’re invincible

    Sadly it's true. Women are like weeds if you don't chop them back they take over. OTOH you do build up their capability over time. A woman always wins on the deal. They were born in the bazaar. Second the need for a man cave.
  11. ubercat

    Seriously how is this forum still around?

    Reddit I can't even discuss office politics without some young neckbeard telling me I need to drop the ego and offer the hand. This woke sh1t is just more social indoctrination. Not believing in Evil didn't work so well for Ukraine. Bad things happen to good people.
  12. ubercat

    Seriously how is this forum still around?

    Thing I like about SoSuave is that it pendulums to the middle. And if you aim for the middle here you'll get some solid advice. The mods do a great job. I would say one pro tip is to look for posters with 50-70% rep rates. Human nature being if it's higher something dodgy going on...
  13. ubercat

    I got engaged

    Gawd who would want to know these days. That's the good thing about chicks most of their sins wash off. Better to judge her behaviour than her past.
  14. ubercat

    I got engaged

    Congrats and good luck- remember keep it light especially when she s not. Say less. And when she s acting out offer reassurance that she s loved first. Those 3 things will go a long way
  15. ubercat

    52...have baby with partner?

    Unfortunately girl isn't saveable. She will just find some guy who will lie to her. If you want another kid go get a hot flip. As LONG as you are RICH. The only way this works is with you paying for a lot of child care. And having funds to help them if you, god forbid shuffle off your perch...
  16. ubercat

    Past missed opportunities

    Normal. Most guys here started off clueless. Girls still turned up randomly coz hole wants to be filled. That's y I don't get this incel thing. If yr not hideous and interact w chix some are going to want to jump you because of some random feeling they got. Keeping them round takes a bit...
  17. ubercat

    How realistic was this argument within a marriage?

    This is where I think you US guys should vote with yr feet. I wake up most mornings with my Asian Mrs of 8 years glued to me. Then she gets up and make my coffee. She s an Aussie citizen, brought herself here no import fee required, post grad, full time nursing teacher. I know 2 other guys...
  18. ubercat

    How realistic was this argument within a marriage?

    Hmm I do wonder how many relationships implode because yr not managing your woman. I know I had at least 3 probably more. Caveat that many women these days are complete train wrecks and unmanageable.
  19. ubercat

    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    If you see a freshman I think you should ask them some advice. At least they might have an open mind. Two ears one mouth, correct ratio kid.
  20. ubercat

    The Psychology of Ignoring Women

    Naughty cat I called out a problem without a solution. So at Xmas lets give peace a chance. For frictionless social interactions here's the Seven huggy rules of ubercat End of page As always feedback for better is...