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  1. Milano

    Can I just leave after meeting fat b1tch?

    Had this happen the last week, left after 5 min. What you do is this, "sorry, I couldnt feel the chemistry".
  2. Milano

    She said i was boring cuz i dont want to eat her booty hole

    Im a man, so if a woman submits to me by sucking my ****, its just a natural feminine act. My point was that by lying on your stomach or knees licking a female that has probably still semen from another guy in her might be considered as beta behaviour by some. Im not sure yet with this theory...
  3. Milano

    She said i was boring cuz i dont want to eat her booty hole

    I gotta admit, if I find a woman has a beautiful booty and specially if the booty hole is nice, Im eating that sht. Its like there is an indicator of good health when you see a woman with a nice booty hole to eat and it tastes and smells decent. I do wonder though, if you get respected less by...
  4. Milano

    Social circle, social circle aaaand social circle

    Was at a party yesterday with mostly girls. There was ofc just a couple of good looking girls single, as most are always taken. When talking about dating and one of the unprettier ones mentioned tinder, I suggested a few things and just said that most girls (I ofc mean girls who are attractive...
  5. Milano

    If I want a relationship with a 9.5 how do I proceed

    Well put. You dont want the hassle, these girls are not for relationships. Why would you settle for a long period of time with 1 random girl if horney women kept sending you pictures of their pssys and hot bods? Answer: you wouldnt, unless you knew the person you were getting was in or out of...
  6. Milano

    Abandoning the ship too early?

    You could have just said you were a swede, the rest would unfold naturally lol. Its true, women are kings where we live, but I think socialism, integration and feminism is even worse for you guys. You should move across the boarder near Oslo, here girls love the swedish accent and we all think...
  7. Milano

    "Online Dating Sucks For Men Because Of Women Like Me"

    OLD as much as I hate it is still where I get laid most of the time, always open to learn sonething new. Cant remember if I have seen that post of yours, bring it, pal!
  8. Milano

    "Online Dating Sucks For Men Because Of Women Like Me"

    Not only are the inbox of the hot ones full, even the MEDIOCRE like hb6! I have had them home and sat with them, connected her phone to my tv and we looked through her tinder. She admitted it was hilarious. Ended with her being picked up by a new tinder match the next day for my sloppy seconds...
  9. Milano

    Women should be treated like shyt

    Being "more of a dik", would be translated to her brain that you are higher value because you are not afraid of losing her and have options, even if you dont. Its a fine line though, as to what some would consider being a dik or not to a girl, use some social awareness cmon. I live in a very...
  10. Milano

    Women should be treated like shyt

    You figured that out by yourself, get confidence? How the hell isnt that blatantly obvious? There is a billion posts about improving yourself and most of us know exactly what to do, but we havent internalized it because it takes a lot of practice depending on where you started from and how fuked...
  11. Milano

    Women should be treated like shyt

    I think Spidahs advice is actually good, specially for beginners. Why? Most of us are WAAAY too kind to women already, so just by even thinking we adopted this "alfa" advice we might actually trick a woman to think we have self respect. If you tell most guys in here to be an *******, what will...
  12. Milano

    Fake Instagram Acc

    This is some next level sht lol, I need to step it up!
  13. Milano

    Need to blow off some steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! Welcome to our inn!

    I`ll start. Had one of the best dates in a long time, we were walking through this amazing forrest area, talking for a few hours and got the feeling we could talk about everything. Like always, I tried with a kiss close by the end since she seemed a little bitt nervous about touching during the...
  14. Milano

    Need to blow off some steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! Welcome to our inn!

    Sometimes feel like Bruce Wayne crawling out of that pit? Sit down, I`ll grab you a pint! Since there is a lot of frustration going around, and feminism is not going away any time soon, why not stop by the inn to let it all out? Perhaps you dont feel like making a thread about it, and you...
  15. Milano

    How to handle?

    If its a rare thing and they apologize, I would think it sounds like a human being screwing up, something we all could do I guess. When it comes to dates, specially the first, if someone cancel and dont come up with the idea of a new date, they are gone in my book.
  16. Milano

    At A Complete Loss...

    This guy looks great, can wear a slim shirt and still looks fit. Great genetics as far as the first picture, would drop the second. I feel talking about his fitness is the least of his problems. Dont take womens advice on this either, they hardly know what they want at any given time. They are...
  17. Milano

    Venting about the future

    Oh yes this toxic downward spiral is depressing alright. Realize that the cause of this mental pain occurs when you want reality to be something it is not. You need to reboot, find pleasure in things that are REAL.
  18. Milano

    article : Too Many Men

    Nature wants us men to go to war and die.It will have its way when there is enough angry desperate men. Oh boy its only getting worse for men in future generations
  19. Milano

    Is confidence really the only thing that separates guys who get laid vs those who don't??

    Ofc, in an ideal world I would not have been the 26 year old virgin, but I was. You have to see where I come from and the wounds I am trying to control while becoming better, which I am constantly doing. Most things I do with women have been carefully thought through. The hb 8,5 or whatever...
  20. Milano

    My Case - Is full Recovery possible?

    I was a virgin till I was 26. I felt like I was in a hole, you know like batman with the broken back. Sloooowly, thats what it feels like. But in around 3 years I have fuked more girls than I can remember. Probably around 20(so you can get an idea, theres a couple of *****s in there aswell) but...