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  1. SteR

    Dating options by decade for men

    What's funny was the 21 yo I was with was telling me how many of her friends / fellow students were sleeping with the professors at her university - these guys were well into their 50s.
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    Dating options by decade for men

    I'm 41 and the last 4 girls I dated were 27, 25, 21, 27 (current gf) - age has literally never been an issue. The physical with the 21 year old was great, but it didn't really work for relationship purposes so we parted ways amicably. It's funny because I wouldn't have believed it if you told...
  3. SteR

    What is the perfect relationship?

    Glad to hear you got engaged - congrats :)
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    Is there any hope? 37 year old and broken

    I don't think it's ever too late. Let's face it, your life is going ahead regardless, so you may as well start now and do something to have a good future. If your youth was as traumatic as you say, then definitely seek therapy. In the mean time just try to date as many women as possible and get...
  5. SteR

    Will Smith and why women don't trust nice guys

    I read the article and I think it highlights the same problem with Will: It seems women always seem to have him by the balls. You can tell from the way that woman describes his actions in the article.. it's like he's doing everything to impress her. It's not genuine. Same thing with Jada: From...
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    A moral dilemma - not sure how to proceed

    I already said: I've been working on a project that's literally had me pulling all-nighters for the last 2 weeks. I was physically / emotionally exhausted by the time I got to the event - truthfully I wish I never went and just recharged at home. The reason I took the time-out was because I was...
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    A moral dilemma - not sure how to proceed

    Look, I fully admit I'm in the wrong here. I was too arrogant. I knew she was extremely interested, I'd already had sex with her and I guess I let that get to my head a bit - I don't refute that, and I even apologised to her earlier this week for my behaviour. BUT as others have said already...
  8. SteR

    A moral dilemma - not sure how to proceed

    Jesus, this thread has become completely de-railed. Let me be clear about this: It's not about the sex. I don't have trouble getting laid, I don't have any issue with replacing her if I need to. What's bothering me is how her behaviour has triggered something in me. I actually think you've...
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    A moral dilemma - not sure how to proceed

    It's not about my feelings for the girl, it's about the disrespect. Strangely enough if this was happening behind my back then I doubt I'd have any problem with it. The issue is that my friends know I've been dating her. Everyone knows I've been under a lot of pressure and my time is limited...
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    A moral dilemma - not sure how to proceed

    I've been thinking more and more about this and I'm not happy with it. I respect that it was her decision to pursue whatever course she wanted, but I think it was disrespectful (as DonJuanjr mentioned above) to flaunt it in my face. I was out with my friends and they knew I was seeing her, so...
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    A moral dilemma - not sure how to proceed

    Recently I met a girl at a friend's social event. There was a bit of chemistry when we first met but unfortunately I had to leave for another occasion and never got to talk to her. I met her later at another lunch. Got to know her a bit and she ended up asking my for my details. Flash forward...
  12. SteR

    Female Bisexuals

    I've started noticing this with women I've been seeing recently. So many of them claim to have an interest women. I don't take it too seriously.. I can only assume it's a combination of being encouraged by society and then thinking it makes them more appealing to men.
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    What is one of the greatest lessons you've learnt so far?

    There's a lot of truth to this. I've been noticing over recent years that the women I've been involved with have been mirrors for my own issues. If you take the time to work on yourself, you'll start noticing your external world radically changes for the better. I think a lot of people view...
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    article: An Interview With a Person Who Has Never Once Been Dumped

    I agree, but I don't think that's good for their personal development. Exactly. I mean let's face it, rejection hurts.. whether it's from a woman or any person/situation in life. But I think unless you learn to deal with it you're never going to get far in life. I think if you can endure...
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    article: An Interview With a Person Who Has Never Once Been Dumped

    I've said this before, that being rejected can sometimes be a very beneficial experience: It forces you to step up your game. Some of my most painful rejections have been followed by tremendous growth... often to the point where I look back years later at the same girl and feel I've surpassed her.
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    Now I'm intrigued. What do you believe constitutes a good lover?
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    The Real Story in OLD

    She's cute. Good job :cool:
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    If you found a beautiful woman who was genuinely a great woman, would you marry her?

    I think @Augustus_McCrae has this in his marriage. From what I can remember everything started perfectly with his wife.. it was only years down the line that she turned into a nightmare. I'm even seeing it with my friends: Some of them have only been married less than 10 years and can already...
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    She's Back

    Don't get too attached. I can't see this ending well...
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    Marriage and sex

    Yea that'd be ideal