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    This girl was playing hard to get....I threw some patterns in and it was OVER.

    "Excuse me for not going out with 6's all of the time. Since coming to this site and having a great deal of sucess I have only been with 8's and above. " I see your point!! u have only been with 8s and above!! ha ha ha!!
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    Simple Tip on Conversational Enthusiasm

    Funny!! I had the same feeling today!!
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    Signs of Attraction

    Another big giveaway hi HIGH ATTRACTION: breast touches yr elbow and rubs!! Thats when u have to jus say nuthing!! It drives them crazy!! he he he! And one I experienced when asking for number: she gives her numeber and askes me if i know how to spell her name: I say yeah and she is like let...
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    Why Women Mention Other Men Even IF They Are Interested in You!

    Ayte what about the case when You do make a move and she says get the hotties out there ? Jeez this freakin blows!! I made a move on one girl (who had been givin me +ve signals for a month) in the group of friends . This was a ta club. I go talk to her general wuestions: like what she'd been...
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    Why Women Mention Other Men Even IF They Are Interested in You!

    double post [This message has been edited by badboybaxi (edited 08-13-2002).]
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    A lovely tip to get a works

    I meant that for you though 'cuz I anint trying this unless the success rate is high. Indian DJ ....LOL!! in India? "waise appun Chi Town mein hai.....!! seecago !!" Laundiya maal hai waise !!
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    A lovely tip to get a works

    No Way it worked!! Jeez man IndianDJ "Tussi pagla gaye ho kya?" It did not work!! but not sure !! any other opinions?
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    Reply for "Will you buy me a drink?"

    Her: Will u buy me A Drink ME: Adrink? Who said that was mah name? My names John Doe!!