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  1. DonBud94

    Dallas, Texas

    How are things going with the Mrs? Down to do same game yet
  2. DonBud94

    Yoo peeps

    Anyone in the Dallas area down to do same game, let me know
  3. DonBud94

    Is this the exclusive talk, or something else?

    I think she might be preggers
  4. DonBud94


    You guys seem to be missing my point, i been around the block and as a guy I understand that woman crave drama it’s in their dna why do you think they watch all that soap bs on tv and as her man you need to be the one to provide that drama for her in her life cause if you don’t she will find it...
  5. DonBud94


    If you don’t know just say you don’t know
  6. DonBud94

    Are women even still open to meeting men the old-fashioned way anymore?

    Yes my guy they are still open to the “old fashion way” if social media shut down today we would have no choice in the matter but approach and meet like it’s been done since the beginning of time
  7. DonBud94


    How do you guys go about creating the drama your girl needs in her life to maintain her interest level high on you, either in a relationship or just cause dating
  8. DonBud94

    Need some advice

    So don't pursue and forget about her and find me a new girl is what you are saying, gotcha;]
  9. DonBud94

    Need some advice

    I hear what both y'all saying appreciate the advice fellas.
  10. DonBud94

    Need some advice

    Lately I been thinking about pursuing a girl that called it quits about a year ago I'm stuck weather should I or should I not I can't get her out of my head for some darn reason I need someone to talk me out of it haha naw but I would like to hear some stories where any of you had pursued a girl...
  11. DonBud94

    Let’s Get an HB Rating

    She licks a toilet? Automatically -2
  12. DonBud94

    Man donates kidney to save girlfriends mom, short time later is dumped. (MX)

    I heard about this on the radio. Feel sorry for the guy but that's life.
  13. DonBud94

    How Do You Find Another Girl For a Threesome

    It just happens sometimes.
  14. DonBud94

    Ive apparently alpha widowed a few women BUT...........

    Good for you here's a
  15. DonBud94

    The Evil Economics of OnlyFans

    This is one of many reasons they want to wipe the human race out with viruses and chit cause of these goofys
  16. DonBud94

    The Evil Economics of OnlyFans

    Dang I am currently a part of that 51% but I sure don't plan on being in that 1 outta 4 category
  17. DonBud94

    I had her on a pedestal, now shes in the gutter

    I agree. Sucks when beautiful girls get ghetto tatts
  18. DonBud94

    I had her on a pedestal, now shes in the gutter

    Does it cover her whole neck or just a side
  19. DonBud94

    Project - laid bare

    Ya mfs weird