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    You'll never catch me alive, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    He had an accomplice. :)
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    Wikileaks: The Naughty Ninja/Bellesing94 file

    The White Knight Wikileaks: R.I.P Bellesing94 my sweet. Might as well cvm clean dudes! Here's the deal kids. I'd found out the "new chick" Belle was Sausageproduct a week ago in the chat room. "Belle" joined the chat a week back and tried being slick 'flirting'. I'd played along knowing...
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    Met girl in line. What would you do?

    If I was you? Regretted it.
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    Qualities of a Top Shelf Don Juan I.Y.O

    I'm not saying every one of those are necessities. Just what others thoughts are in regards to the most important or useful.
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    Following an HD 10 Around

    The kind TheLoner frequents with his personalized Metro-sexual card to have a line of "HD10 Express service 'Loco'-motives" run trains in his tunnel non-stop.
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    Qualities of a Top Shelf Don Juan I.Y.O

    What would be your list of absolutely necessary qualities of a Top Shelf Don Juan and in which order of importance would you place them? Feel free to add more and put them in order of most important to least. Game Social proof Red/blue pill awareness Style Humor Looks...
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    Oneitis for So Suave?

    BrownBear = tough as a Teddy Graham. VVThey've got your favorite flavor too BananaBear.VV
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    The Faces Behind the Username

    FFS Rapunzel SHAVE that BUSH! *Waits for Packers to see the word "bush", look at pic, then start "weed whacking". *Edit: Sorry Packman. I've caved to my inner White Knight.
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    Got the "not looking for anything serious right now" :(

    At this point you become the kind of friends who don't ever communicate again.
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    Sick of torturing myself. Time to end game.

    Why do you feel the need to get "closure"? Are you expecting her to agree with you and delete her online profile and come running back "knowing" she's wrong? Think you're going to hear "comforting" BS that she's not enjoying online "dating", hasn't used it, hasn't met anyone, hasn't talked dirty...
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    Somebody can explain whats being the "we will not have sex"

    It’s chick reverse psychology. She tells you that “we’re not having sex tonight” with the emphasis in the dudes mind to be placed on the buzzword: SEX and the rest of the words disregarded. Chick translation: “I WANT to have sex with you but I don’t want to be the one to initiate it or seem...
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    Could they be crumbling?

    So you "don't" have one-itus. Yet you're counting on someone who is in a relationship for 5 years and hasn't moved in together with her BF as a possible main plate while looking at other relationships as "confirmation" and asking friends and SS if this is the crumbling wishful thinking green...
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    FR with a hb6.5 last night - sh1t test madness!

    Perhaps you see the chicks you meet/date as special? Not saying they're all bad or trash. Perhaps you are pedestalizing them in your mind somehow and it's blocking you from thinking "bad" about them by talking dirty? I've done that before and wouldn't go all out with certain chicks. Maybe...
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    FR with a hb6.5 last night - sh1t test madness!

    I would. Frig it. If she mentioned it she needs to show you how she uses it. Had a chick a while ago mention a vibrator on the phone. Told her to take it out and was talking dirty as hell to her on the phone and she was slamming that thing in her. lmao. Met up with her a few days later and went...
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    Tired of being lonely...what even

    Bellesexual you little tart. This is So Suave NOT So Slvt.
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    FR with a hb6.5 last night - sh1t test madness!

    Re-read what you wrote and what she said. Think about it. Chicks online will say one thing but actually mean the other. "Sick of the players" "tired of the games" = the first one's to always go after players and first ones to play games. In this case: "I don't like bossy guys" = "I have...
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    Oneitis for So Suave?

    And you're going to give expert instructions on how to do that? hahahaha
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    Oneitis for So Suave?

    So does Summer.
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    the current state of the forums

    Packers no offense dude but shouldn't you be more concerned with working on the advice you've been given a few times by various posters and said you were going to? If you want to show us how serious you take sosuave. Start a Packers2010 improvement journal right here on the discussion forums...
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    Oneitis for So Suave?

    Virgin and proud.