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    What makes you think you DESERVE her?

    i'm me and thats more than good enough for everyone i know
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    Sarging at track meets

    i do cross-country which are longer distances. When most people finish, they are exhasted for at least 10-15 minutes.
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    The real deal on strength/masculinity and women

    I disagree with this- Those men are feminized BECAUSE they listen to their fears. (example: "oh boy i'm afraid to talk with this girl, i'll follow my fears and go home and play video games instead") Another everyday life example: "I'm afraid to go rock climbing cause it's hard, i might...
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    smoke weed?

    I'm not gonna say pot is bad and all that stuff but I think there r better ways to have fun. Personally i hate the feeling of unnatural things going through my body and manipulating it. Its kind of a fear, i even hate taking pills for my excema (a skin condition). A kid i used to be friends...
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At with my "Tips"

    When i first came here, to tell you the truth, i did not really want to become a DJ. All i wanted and still want is to become a real man. Some of the best examples of such men can be found in ancient roman and greek stories. And as far as girls go...i have found that i don't need to change...
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    I use DJ skillz, it backfires, what to do next?

    i hate it when they ask you about their weight! They say "do i look fat?" and u don't want to say no because u know they r fishing for compliments. Then, when u don't say anything (or say yes) they get mad and tell all of their friends!