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  1. mrskinnypantz

    Is approach at work really so peculiar?

    When you say mannlet I'm assuming he was short but ripped or muscular,is that true? If it is then he probably collected them because he is physically in shape , height is only one factor and if you're a tall fat slob I can imagine its still not attractive to women.
  2. mrskinnypantz

    Girlfriend hides relationship

    Right now you’re only 6 months in, the less the family knows about you the less stress you’re going to have. They can’t talk sh1t about you and brainwash her mind if they don’t know anything about you. 6 months feels like a long time, but it is not. Its pretty likely you don’t know as much...
  3. mrskinnypantz

    Witholding sex

    2 weeks is way too long to get be getting denied sex. you denied her of sex now so she is winning (because she didn’t want to have sex in the first place) don’t play that game , it’s pointless. You should seriously have a talk with her about it , but then like rollo said”true desire cannot be...
  4. mrskinnypantz

    Is it safe to say that most guys are here are introverts im a intj

    Why do you think it's hard to maintain the extrovert vibe, does it it just get to be too much to match other extroverts, Is that even what you're tryna do at these events? Or do you just rather sit it out sometimes and just do things you like to do?
  5. mrskinnypantz

    What are you guys doing for halloween and where are you guys located

    Right on , cool costume and great attitude. Everything doesn't have to revolve around women.
  6. mrskinnypantz

    You guys are losers.

    Who said it wasn't? Lol I'm just fvckin witcha man
  7. mrskinnypantz

    You guys are losers.

    I'm flattered brotha, I had no idea you thought of me this way .
  8. mrskinnypantz

    My girlfriend´s sister

    He's not playing victim sounds like he's playing the game , you shouldn't be focused on this at all. This is exactly why she's still a plate probably.
  9. mrskinnypantz

    Facial Hair

    Do what you wanna do with your hair . What ever you do, own it fully.
  10. mrskinnypantz

    For the exceptionally brave foreigner, Russia is now poontang paradise

    Sh1t have fun guys , I aint never goin over to Russia idc how bad it gets here
  11. mrskinnypantz

    Toxic women has my head jammed. I’m going in circles and I need help.

    I realized that the minute you said you had your "head jammed" you had lost the game. Its ok to feel bad about this, actually, Its good that you feel bad about this because its your only hope of not repeating this Stix 'N stonez bro. shake it off , I know its tough I've felt how you felt...
  12. mrskinnypantz

    What the Red Pill took too far and why I think it is causing most men to struggle in dating

    Nah, women will always love bad boys. They stimulate women too much. Doesn't matter if he works at quiktrip, she likes him. a lot of these guys are asking how to get their ex back , the bad boy wants to know how he can get a better girl. Bad boys don't make that much money but they carry...
  13. mrskinnypantz

    article: Why are More Girls Dating Older Guys?

    I can relate heavy to this , don't hate on the older cats who got they game right , instead soak up all the game you can
  14. mrskinnypantz

    article: Why are More Girls Dating Older Guys?

    I feel where you're coming from because I used to feel this exact same way , but thats not it.. The problem is women are spoiled and they simply don't know what they want. They are as fickle as the day is long. When was the last time you heard a man say " all you women care is about is sex...
  15. mrskinnypantz

    Post wall average 39 year old woman making 500K a year on OnlyFans for mild content...sad state of men

    Lucky bastard. But This chick is not bad looking at all , I would definitely hit it from the back and get some head.
  16. mrskinnypantz

    Submission fighting/ judo

    Maybe he should have sanctioned his fights and took the right steps. Why not take advantage of a culture like fighting and doing it the right way? I'm sure there's plenty of scrappers in IL.
  17. mrskinnypantz

    Odd question, but where do you guys make good friends?

    Yeah, good point my dad made best friends with his neighbor. My dad went to the military so he is big on communication and opening himself to meeting friends especially if its your next door neighbor , they smoke together drink together and cook / grill together. His neighbor knew other...
  18. mrskinnypantz

    Zero Females

    I probably slid through and took a couple, but I made painfully obvious that I was only visiting and wanted nothing serious