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  1. Fireballs

    Boundaries and women

    Set boundaries with your actions, not words.
  2. Fireballs

    Recovering after being dumped

    Hobbies mate, if you don’t have any get a few
  3. Fireballs

    Best hobbies for 2020

    Golf Poker Flying Helicopters
  4. Fireballs

    Performance Anxiety

    Had the same problem .. I missed out on banging some hot girls because of it .. finally had enough and got some Cialis to get the confidence back. Tried Viagra too but one 5mg dose of Cialis seems to last 2-3 days
  5. Fireballs

    Lean Muscular vs Big Muscular??

    Height and face are more important but leaner is better
  6. Fireballs

    When being alpha goes wrong

    Roll bread
  7. Fireballs

    How easy is the dating game as a blond white guy?

    Looks are everything
  8. Fireballs

    Recently split with my wife with one kid

    What boundaries ?
  9. Fireballs

    I have everything but money

    Only solution is time .. in 10 years you won’t give a fcuk
  10. Fireballs

    What do you spend your money on?

    Helicopter pilot training
  11. Fireballs

    How to go about this.

    If some ***** breaks up with me over a text, she isn’t getting a reply from me. Just cut her out of my life. Have some self respect and move on.
  12. Fireballs

    Psycho Feminist Girl - Did I Play This Right?

    I just turn voice record on, on my phone
  13. Fireballs

    Psycho Feminist Girl - Did I Play This Right?

    Would have banged then dropped
  14. Fireballs

    First date went well. Call vs text

    Highly interested ones will contact you first
  15. Fireballs

    Ungrateful women (I asked the split the bill)

    Is this a troll thread
  16. Fireballs

    A game to get a woman Vs. game to keep a woman?

    All relationships have an expiry date, just have another girl ready to go when it ends
  17. Fireballs

    asking for advice about uninterested wife

    Read married man sex life by Athol Kay
  18. Fireballs

    Long Distance Relationships

    She will call you everyday at the start, then that will change to a few times a week .. then you will find yourself calling her all the time and she will be busy a lot not return your calls then you will find out she’s bangin a new dude LDR’s seldom work..
  19. Fireballs

    Chick cancels third date, then 7 months later reaches out

    If she brings her friend , give the friend all of your attention.. pretend it’s a date with the friend and imagine that the other girl isn’t even there