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    How Do I Get Rid Of This Hot HB9 Chick?

    Because there could not be a better idea than telling a co-worker, on the job site, “I want sex from you.” It would help if the HR department is next door, or the same floor, at least. :up:
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    How Do I Get Rid Of This Hot HB9 Chick?

    Right. Then, maybe he himself can forward the evidence (texts) directly to Human Resources. Problem solved. Brilliant!
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    Question about touching

    His two posts so far are about this one. Serious oneitis going on.
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    Question about touching

    Is this the Colombian gal, with no money?
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    How Do I Get Rid Of This Hot HB9 Chick?

    Yeah, but I heard she only lets guys with real gym memberships plow her! :lol:
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    Dude, just enjoy the time and have a good time. To her, you are now the “in between boyfriends“ type of guy. No more, no less. You pushing for more will only cause her to further pull back, and just avoid you, all together. Don’t burn bridges, as both of you should be ready for this fling to...
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    Which book would one suggest to read at the end of year 2019?

    Art of Seduction. It is a longer read, but very worthwhile and well researched.
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    Field Report - HB7

    She might be carrying too big of a gun!
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    Trouble with girl I'm dating (Resistance)

    This sounds Ike something that started in the wrong frame from the start. The one common thing I see during all of your outings/“dates” is the fact that she has picked everything you two have done, because she’s wanted to do certain thing, eat/drink certain thing, etc. You should take...
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    Need help with changing my dating life

    Right. Because someone who is asking for help with changing his dating life, only need concern himself with his BMI, not every other aspect dating entails. Just BMI, brah.
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    Need help with changing my dating life

    Are you trying to get 45 year olds, or 15 year olds? :rofl::p
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    Need help with changing my dating life

    LoL! know you know why even girls deem those sites trashy. Because of chaps that do that kind of stuff. :rofl:
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    Need help with changing my dating life

    I would first worry about building a body worthy of being shown off. ‍♂️
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    Need help with changing my dating life

    I will look at your post. To give you a quick answer, you can definitely find good buys on fitness equipment at almost every price point. I recommend finding a used unit in a place like craigslist or the like. just like with musical instrument, tons of people buy equipment, hoping to get a...
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    Ross Jeffries

    Speed Seduction, and any other method/philosoph, from my experienc, is best used as a tool in your overall toolbox, and not as an only system you follow diligently to cover all things dating. If NLP and hypnosis are intereses of yours, I would definitely look into them. Major Mark Cunningham is...
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    Need help with changing my dating life

    Not always the case. During a few fights during his career, Evander Holyfield qualified as “OBESE,” based on BMI alone, yet was as low as 3-4% body fat. OP, go find out what your different statistics are (body fat%, BMI, etc.), then get on a fitness program, which includes weight training, and...
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    UPDATE on girl I took from beta

    Cool story, brah!
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    Man who slapped female reporter's bottom on live TV arrested

    Except Trumpy is a deadbeat. He don't pay his bills. He stiffs "university" students, charities, contractors, etc.
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    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    He mentioned a smoothie in lieu of getting coffee, which is a good first day meet up, yet too played out for many. Personally, I like coffee, yogurt, dessert meet n greets. You get to screen the woman, and find out if either party is even interested to see one another. If you see/feel there is...