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    Dont sweat it??

    Any visual benefits you saw working out in heat is temporary; loss of water weight. You actually burn less calories in heat though.
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    BEST Martial Arts

    Technique is nothing without proper form, good execution, style, ability, and skill. :D :D :D
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    rubbing alcohol and facial hair

    Moustaches are just wierd if you are under 40 years old.
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    Leg Day !!!!

    Here here!
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    my shin is spasmning

    Full squats with feet close together will work the tibialis anterior (Which I believe is the muscle in your shin that you are referring to.) It's probably not used to being worked, and the twitching is temporary. I used to twitch in many places when I started hitting it hard. It should stop in time.
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    my shin is spasmning

    Then that is the goddamnedest of wrong wording.
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    Thinking about joining a gym

    Yes. You have a 2-day split over the weekend, and if you hit that hard enough, it'll do good on its own. Your other free days are just gravy, whatever you want.
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    light weight training for a beginner who wants to get big!?

    You think you have your technique down good enough to be benching 4-6 reps at 80% of your 1rm? You have to get used to the motions, to the feeling, to the mental aspect before you even think about dropping down to 4-6 reps. 10 is a good number to start out on, and a newbie will put on a lot...
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    my shin is spasmning

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    Exercise description thread (powerlifting)

    sure beats
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    Ultimate Secret to ABs...and getting bigger..

    why would that be foolish?
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    Ultimate Secret to ABs...and getting bigger..

    Run to get big? Who is this dildo?
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    Will Weightlifting Stunt your Growth?

    How would something that stimulates growth hormone and testosterone stunt your growth? I hit my growth spurt the same time I started squatting and deadlifting. Coincidence probably, but I put on 4 inches while lifting heavy.
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    Something more than Creatine and Protien.......

    If you mean anabolic steroids, then you need a few more years under your belt.
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    i'm gonna take tai chi

    You're such a jackass. You have no idea what you are talking about, for reasons stated by Kuen1.
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    i'm gonna take tai chi

    Uhhh, yeah. My sensei knows it. Remember, the Tai Chi you've probably seen was not combat Tai Chi.
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    Benched 155 for reps today!

    Sorry if I came off pompous. I was saying that's a good job. I remember how excitited I was to put that weight up. Can't show emotion through internet :(
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    i'm gonna take tai chi

    Yeah, it's a soft art, but Jiu-Jitsu also means "The Gentle Art." It's about as gentle as a meat grinder. The Tai-chi depicted on TV or movies is not the combat style. It's a soft art in that you don't oppose the force, but redirect it and blend with it. That's why it takes forever to be...
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    Bench Press

    anyway, Cyrano, you can try reps of 6-8 without fear of dropping the weight. There is a technique that me and a few other guys I know employ. It's called letting the fear get it up. There is no real danger of dropping the bar on yourself, unless your wrists suddenly snap, or you aren't really...
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    coupla work out questions

    Density as in how hard the muscle is. When I was bodybuilding, I got bigger, but my muscles were kind of soft. I could squeeze my biceps while flexed, and they would change shape, simply because it was soft/useless bodybuilding muscle. Not very practical, just there for looks. However, when I...