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    Daygame infield, scared to approach while buying groceries ?

    Yeah, this looks totally staged. How do I know? I have successfully F closed a very hot girl in a grocery store a few months ago, it didn't happen like in that video. It happened in the wine aisle, and most women who are into wine are receptive to "wine talk" if you know what you are talking...
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    Everybody deserves a second chance?

    Agreed, This is just disrespect. It looks like the friend thinks the OP is a doormat and anything he has can be easily taken from him. I have blown up at my male friends before for putting his arm around my girlfriend and told them both to F off for disrespecting me. To the OP: If you...
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    women are depserate for alpha men

    Your post caught my eye. As I never really post anymore. I would say that the definition of "Alpha" has not changed at all since sites like this started around the year 2000. The purest definition is that if you are an "alpha" you don't have to try. At anything, ever. You just win without...
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    The Great Irony of the SMV theory

    I felt the need to respond to this post because it hits home so hard. I used to be on this board a while ago, but stopped because I had too much going on. What backbreaker is describing is what happens with most young girls who just have "some guy" they are seeing. The idea that someone who...
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    Confession of a's not worth it

    Wow! I haven't been to this site in a while-- I'm glad that there are real men here and not a bunch of weak doormats. This subject is not that hard to figure out: Women want a man who can cheat on them with other hot women. You don't actually have to, but that is the type of guy that hot...
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    Do you think Indian men are now raping so much because of sex demographic imbalance?

    Funny subject this is. Have any of you actually been to India lately? I have. I spent 2 weeks there on business. What you will notice is that 95% of all indian women are not attractive at all. Turning on the TV, one immediately notices that all successful people on TV have only white...
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    I won the genetic lottery

    Any guesses about how this chic got a speaking gig? Who thinks that the producer of the event is a male who just wanted to F this chic.
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    For all men that justify cheating through "its my nature I cant help it"

    Dear Kim, I do not believe anything you are saying about yourself. It is my opinion that you are a totally average used vag1na that never gets any quality men for the simple fact that you are not all, and continue to delude yourself into thinking that you are getting the top...
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    What should I try next? (career options - lengthy)

    Thats what I mean. You don't have a real degree. A "science in design" is not a recognized degree in any field other than what for profit schools claim in order to extract money from students. Did you attend the Academy of Art or something like that? Do you have a 'Bachelor of Science...
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    What should I try next? (career options - lengthy)

    So, basically you don't have a degree. If your degree is not in business or a hard science, you don't have one. Not a problem, though, as there are ways to make money without having any marketable skills. Its highly unlikely that you will land a job at a successful corporation as management...
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    Expecting a baby soon (child support?)

    There is a way out of child support. Its mean, but I'm mean, so it fits. Simply quit your job and only accept cash as an entrepeneur for your main thing, then get some crappy second job that only pays part time wages so that the state thinks that your income is based on this minimum wage...
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    She Has a Boyfriend

    Guys who go aren't afraid of "trouble" are usually the type that girls go after anyways. Meanwhile, you will be safe in your virginal world never having taken a chance. Let me know how that works out.
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    She Has a Boyfriend

    K, so next time you meet a girl who announces that she has a bf, and is out of town, and is making out with you, just say: "Are you coming home with me tonight?" And see if it works. In my opinion, you had about 4 green lights and didn't drive through any of them. Girl+bar+alcohol+out of...
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    Learning Photography + Hot Model + FB

    speaking from experience: As a published photographer, you are supposed to be so aloof that nothing any model says or does has any effect on you. If they come up and rub their tits in your face trying to elicit a reaction, you are supposed to say: "Did you just get glitter on my camera?"...
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    Texting Girl Who Has a Boyfriend

    I used to do the exact same thing as you a few years ago. I kind of got the feeling that every girl was trying to find some way to cheat on her bf every day. Few minutes before she went to work, on the way home from a club by taking a detour to my house, bringing me over to her house while her...
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    Would you date a woman with children?

    Dating a girl with a kid is the exact definition of "chump". If you are ok being a chump, then go nuts. No matter what the girl is like that you are dating, she is always thinking of how to get you to pay for her kids in the back of her mind. If she wasn't, she wouldn't be dating. Women...
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    What to say when the chic says she's got a boyfriend?

    did you get the memo about how all hot girls have boyfriends... when they don't like the guy. If she wants you, that sentence never comes out. Seriously, and if you play it well enough, you get to say "well, I have a girlfriend, whats the big deal?" If she somehow mentions it while you are...
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    Do girls really go for guys with nice cars?

    Hey BackBreaker, I totally forgot to mention that it depends on what circle you roll in. I know that there are lots of SC400 cars that people are proud of. And those same people would probably like the Camaro as well, and probably a cutlass supreme on 24"s, Big stereos, Hummers, TV screens...
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    Do girls really go for guys with nice cars?

    I don't think anyone in this thread has mentioned a "nice" car yet. In the SF bay area-- "nice" starts at 100k. Most cute girls drive brand new IS250/350 or a brand new BMW M3 or on the peninsula, a C300. Also brand new. No american cars allowed, as those are for poor losers. Its...
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    Are men only as faithful as their options?

    Women just want the greatest number of orgasms possible. They cheat with the hot guy with the huge c0ck because he gives her more orgasms, they want to marry the guy with the $$$ because the fact that he has $$$ makes her orgasm more. It is scientifically proven that women orgasm harder and...