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  1. Music_czar

    The breakup kitchen fight scene

    the best part was the Dragon at the end #322
  2. Music_czar

    Any martial artists out there? What martial art is good for protection?

    Dude you’re embarrassing yourself.. again. Brad was a great poster here was well respected and you even managed to argue with him all the time despite his comments always being positive and good advice. Stop trying to fight everyone here, it’s just the internet man. Maybe take a break and go...
  3. Music_czar

    Any martial artists out there? What martial art is good for protection?

    Yea we remember those arguments, that dude schooled you plenty of times was fun to read. And MMA fighters don’t talk ****? That’s pretty much all they do right before they get into a ring..
  4. Music_czar

    Dealing with doubts about your girl cheating on you

    This is actually a really good post from bj I’m kinda surprised
  5. Music_czar

    Has anyone noticed that the #MeToo "predators" are all ugly?

    Chads get targetted too.. when they pump n dump.
  6. Music_czar

    Monogamy Is the Only Way To Get Laid

    Agree with everything you said.. they problem is monogamy doesn’t work because the quality of women in their 20s is extremely low these days. Good luck trying to find a hot quality woman you can be monogamous to, who will also be monogamous to you as well. I was always happiest and fvcked the...
  7. Music_czar

    Girlfriend push pulling

    Stop feeding the trolls or you’re gonna get another spaz with 6,000 posts in less than a year The more you respond to their attention wh0ring the more you encourage them and take away help that can be benefitting real posters. So tired of what they’re turning this place into.. I’m sure we’re...
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    She can be a better woman

    Admitting you came up with a bad example because you don’t know business very well - that’s also a form of leadership. By the way I’m not American so you’re wrong about that too. You missed the whole point: when it comes to good leadership, you cannot expect women to just naturally follow...
  9. Music_czar

    She can be a better woman

    They provided good leadership but still the CEO’s were fired due to circumstances largely out of their control.. which defeats spaz’s premise that all you have to do is provide good leadership and the women will blindly follow. Real life isn’t that simplistic. Also: They didn’t get loans, but...
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    She can be a better woman

    Of course Ford Motor Co is a terrible example.. they had 5 CEO’s in the last 17 years. The company had an excellent leadership that was on the right path (all they had to do was downsize) but anytime an economic downturn occurred, or otherwise profits were not realized, the CEO was used as the...
  11. Music_czar

    Is she powerplaying me?

    ^ agree with this. DH, this is the moment you lost her as a potential fvck. At this point, she turned on her sociopathic “I’m gonna get him back for what he said to me” switch which is why she continued to msg with you back and forth after your statement.. but it was all planned and calculated...
  12. Music_czar

    Women with Baggage = A Good Thing

    What’s the point of chronicling it? We all know how it’s gonna end.
  13. Music_czar

    Women with Baggage = A Good Thing

    Women with baggage = a bad thing long term Slvts with baggage are great. They’ll generally let you do whatever you want to ‘em in the bedroom. But just don’t catch feelings because if you do you’ll be sorry.. Women with baggage are great because they provide you with lots of low cost sex...
  14. Music_czar

    Wife left me... need advice.

    OP, your wife left you. She planned it, and sold all her stuff. Now it’s your responsibility to move on with your life. Go ahead and see the new Russian lady, your soon to be ex wife deleted the monogamous state of your relationship when she sold all her stuff and left you. Is she going to...
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    How would you handle her? asap advice date in 3 hours

    We all know SoSuave is moving in the right direction when backseatjuan the infamous russian troll is giving advice on how to pick up chicks. Gambino, you know better than to waste time on sloots who ignore you for two years. Havent you learned anything here in all these years? Don’t make her...
  16. Music_czar

    Been a while

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense is you thinking marriage isn’t a burden. Tax laws may benefit some couples while penalizing others. Every guy is happily married till they get fleeced in a divorce.
  17. Music_czar

    Been a while

    Probably a married dude who’s burdened by wife, kids, taxes, and all kind of other responsibilities.
  18. Music_czar

    Online dating version 3.0 - $$$ for time and ***

    I’ve been doing the SA thing since beginning of summer last year.. never paid for companionship nor will I ever. The most I pay for is maybe drinks or even a meal.. I’ve banged 10 girls this way since then and all have been super hot and young, early to mid 20’s. There’s some girls there that...
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    How do regular dudes who aren't manly in the SoSuave/DonJuan fashion maintain relationships?

    P ^ this. Plus the vast majority of relationships eventually fail, and as much as 70% of marrriages end in divorce. And how many of the rest are truly happy or remain together for financial reasons.. Guys are just starting to wake up to the fact that most women aren’t relationship/marriage...
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    Best books to read?

    Here’s my list: The prince (1513) Niccolo Machiavelli A leader must make difficult decisions.. it’s not his responsibility to be liked or loved, but instead to be feared and respected. That’s not to say he should be cruel, but he must provide stability and governance. A prince needs to be...