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  1. Whydomyeyeshurt

    One Plate Remains!

    For sure dude I totally see what you're saying. I actually had two other ladies lined up but they didn't have enough of my interest, frankly.
  2. Whydomyeyeshurt

    One Plate Remains!

    Respectfully brother I disagree. I've had oneitis before and this AIN'T it. There's no such thing as "the one" or soulmates. However, there is such a thing as my own limited time and interest. If you are spinning plates and they all break except for one, she MIGHT just be worth more of your time...
  3. Whydomyeyeshurt

    One Plate Remains!

    Hello men, thought I would give an update. I had a few plates going, a couple have broken and one remains. And I have to say dudes, she's pretty cool. Checks off a lot of boxes, is super politically incorrect and is pretty damn funny. I'm not committing to monogamous relationship at this...
  4. Whydomyeyeshurt

    Advice needed for hanging out with an alpha

    There might be a little bit of this. He does look to me a lot for approval when he's making his moves. It's interesting because his moves work but he looks to me a lot for my smiles and nods.
  5. Whydomyeyeshurt

    Advice needed for hanging out with an alpha

    I haven't gotten angry at all, and I've been mindful not letting myself go there because I have a fair amount of confidence on ky my own but I'm a human being so I have to be aware of where my own insecurities might take me. This is really great advice though thanks.
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    Advice needed for hanging out with an alpha

    Morning gentlemen. So my very good friend is a rock solid savage of an alpha. Great guy. When we go out together just the two of us he completely dominates the room and no matter what if you're hanging out with him you'll either get angry and won't want to hang out with him anymore or you have...
  7. Whydomyeyeshurt

    If she asks if you are sleeping with anyone else...

    I'm open with plates that I'm currently not dating exclusively. Ive had two plates ask me if I'm sleeping with other people. While I honestly havent been, for guys with more than one sexual partner how do you answer that question?
  8. Whydomyeyeshurt

    Under What Circumstances Should a Guy Give Up Entirely?

    Brother, I manage a cafe, have over half my net income going to my ex-wife, and live with roommates. I currently have two plates spinning. I'm also 45. The trick is, love yourself and stop giving a f*ck. Be a rad dude NOW, not after you get the great career or whatever. I just heard today that...
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    Who's your favorite "Red Pill" influencer/teacher?

    Dude I hear you brother. I've read four of his books and they all were devastating and at the same time some odlf the most important books I've ever read.
  10. Whydomyeyeshurt

    What is Your Stance on Getting into Committed Relationships with Single Moms?

    I currently have two plates spinning. One is a single mom and the other one has no kids. I like them both so we'll see where this goes. I also have two kids of my own. I was seeing a woman briefly who had a kid but the dad was a deadbeat and never around so she was always busy with her kid...
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    Plate cancelled plans last minute but asks to postpone them for following day

    Dude she canceled one date after spending an exorbit amount of time with you. Relax man. Do you have other plates spinning? My advice is if she cancels the date your job is to not give a f*ck.
  12. Whydomyeyeshurt

    Under What Circumstances Should a Guy Give Up Entirely?

    Never give up. Period. Your rate of growth is your own. If you compare it to others on some kind of graph you're just dooming yourself.
  13. Whydomyeyeshurt

    Having a "strong frame" doesn't do anything unless women already find you attractive.

    These kind of discussions are silly because you've got to think in terms of relativity. If the only women you've ever been able to get are ones and twos, but then you establish a frame and get some game and you're at threes and fours then you know what brother, you're a sexy mother****er and...
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    Broaching the subject of where the relationship is going

    Hello men hope you're well. I'm currently seeing a woman who is a rad chick, and we have been having a great time together, but I am a ways off from being ready for a long-term monogamous relationship so non-exclusivity is where I'm living right now. She's made little comments here and there...
  15. Whydomyeyeshurt

    Is there any hope? 37 year old and broken

    Pay close attention to the above. One of the big things you can do for yourself is to stop masturbating and stop watching porn. You desperately need all the testosterone you can get, and sexual discipline is a fantastic place to start.
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    She is driving me nuts. Need some advice

    This all day long, dude. From a certain point of view she is begging you to establish a strong frame.
  17. Whydomyeyeshurt

    Relationship that starts with sex on day 1

    Something to be wary of is if you hook up on the first night and she is wanting a relationship fairly quickly. You're going to have to have some pretty firm boundaries and be honest on that first date about where you're at in your dating life.
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    Behind in life (Zeroed Out)

    I'm divorced with two children and I'm 45. I rent a room from close friends. My income is also not where I would like it to be right now. Oh, and I drive a 2000 Honda. And yet... I have never felt like such a powerful man in all of my life. My suggestions: Look around in your current...
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    Are women with kids worth fvcking?

    Yes this all the way. Maintain frame with the raramount rule that you are not a cuck who's going to raise her children. Always keep in mind that single moms are often looking for a beta to help raise their kids and provide resources. You can have a relationship, yes, but with very clear hard...
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    Is divorcing a woman because she Became very overweight justified?

    I have to agree that divorce might be on the table. The thing you don't want to have happen is where you become sort of an orbiting caretaker of an obese person. Some dudes like thick women but if she's just let herself go then I don't see how the relationship remains complimentary. And let me...