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  1. Poonani Maker

    Different world 2021.

    Not an argument. Just taunts.
  2. Poonani Maker

    Different world 2021.

    Three phrases DO NOT apply in today's "Ban" (Locked Thread) "Cancel Culture." 1) A MAN has a right to his Opinion! 2) A MAN has a right to stand up for himself! 3) Who in the HELL do you think you ARE!? When you no longer allow discussion of a subject, you have LOST the argument. Have fun in...
  3. Poonani Maker

    This is why women shouldn't be allowed to VOTE.

    It's hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Can't change their brains. Soooooo, propaganda can HEAVILY influence their vote, one-by-one they fall, like dominos, to the "fear of judgement." Soo, group or "cabal" with evil intent, and in control of all media (via printed fiat or wealth...
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    Late Night Jam Session

  5. Poonani Maker

    Blue pill family

    I tell them, "I have plenty of hobbies that entertain myself." She's gonna have to pry open my doors. If the courts were not so backward/genocidal then I'd pursue in a brutish fashion or way. Can't do that now. I mean, I act brash and unabashed but actually groping or touching a woman I'm tryin...
  6. Poonani Maker

    Home workouts suck donkey balls!!!

    Just bought a "weighted jump rope," kicks my as5 can barely last 10 minutes. A speed rope I can got 40-50 minutes.
  7. Poonani Maker

    SoSuaveBets - Master Thread - Everything Stonks

    I've been eyeing NIO (the "Chinese Tesla") and CMI (2.5 dividend) for a couple months due to "Political risk." If that's the way it's gonna be, then that's the way it's gonna be, barring WAR. I do not trust any of the trading platforms now though, not even Fidelity, so I'm looking to hard assets.
  8. Poonani Maker

    Basic meals that have all the nutrients we need on a daily basis

    I just read last night in a book from 1976 "The Hunting Hypothesis" that our ancestors (millions of years ago) who were meat-eaters (social predators...hunters), got vitamin C from "uncooked" meat (because fire didn't get controlled until 35,000 or so years ago - Neanderthal man 50,000 years ago...
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    Blue pill family
  10. Poonani Maker

    Blue pill family

    Just show them Blackpilled You will get disowned like I have been.
  11. Poonani Maker

    Gamestop the madness

    media propaganda ...we are under a consolidated Full Stop TYRANNY world-wide
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    do women have warped views of loyalty?

    Have a woman who used to be high-interest this week looking at a wall-clock over my head while I'm talking to her. Mmmkay, I guess I'm boring now. "Bye, Felicia..." and then she's like, "no, no, no..." reaching for my rich arm. I mean, she's a former druggie, tatted to the hilt, yellowish-toned...
  13. Poonani Maker

    Gamestop the madness

    I've been subscribed to this dude since 2011 when I used to day-trade or swing-trade (btw, like 95% of all others who try it, I ended up losing about 7% of my portfolio through time - got out last December 14th, 2020 because I'd regained almost ALL my losses with 2 stocks I'd held since 2012)...
  14. Poonani Maker

    Gamestop the madness

    I still can't get over this Bullsh!t. I know someone who's in AMC right now. I'm telling him to sell cause they've already bailed out the fagg0t hedge funds when they froze the ability of your average investor to BUY these heavily shorted stocks! Sure, they may still be trapped, but not as bad...
  15. Poonani Maker

    Went on p0rnhub, truly shocked at what I saw

    That's why I own a Berkey water filter (with multiple Flouride/Black filters to last me several years to come in my cabinets). Flouride-free all of 2020 (or since the "pandemic" around the time when everybody was buyin toilet paper, I bought toilet paper AND this Berkey and freeze-dried food...
  16. Poonani Maker

    Gamestop the madness

    Off with their muther fvckin heads!!!