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    LOST theories

    I came out of retirement just to post in this thread. KarmaSutra is right. I was just about to post a lengthy thing about time loops but I edited most of it down because it's been covered. Many of the Losties (if not all) are already stuck in time loops. This also explains the ability of...
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    $PAID$ Contest - SoSuave Members Only! $100's!!

    Done Good luck, and I hope you win! :D
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    MLB at All-Star break!

    Whoever it is, it's gonna be an AL team. Just look at the White Sox, Tigers, BoSox, Yanks, even the Twins...the AL is plain stacked. The only NL team that could compete with those teams right now is the Mets. Any other NL team would go down easily in the World Series. Look at the stats for...
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    Dwyane Wade

    The Heat are ALWAYS at the foul line. That's pretty much how they win all their games. By the 3rd quarter, the opposing team is usually in penalty because of Shaq, so Wade will just start driving to the hoop. They can't really double team Wade, or else Shaq will be open under the hoop for the...
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    Any Guitarists?

    I've played the guitar on and off for about 5 years now, but only seriously for the last year or so. It's fun as hell, only problem is it's a damn expensive hobby to have. I play a '72 Fender Telecaster Deluxe (the reissue), upgraded with Seymour Duncan pickups and custom wired to allow for...
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    Evolutionary Aspect of Weightlifting

    A large part of our male ancestors' physiques were developed from the act of hunting. From sprinting after an animal in pursuit of it, and then carrying the meat from the carcass back to camp. However, early humans weren't built like your typical modern bodybuilder (which in fact is a very...
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    Facial hair: good or bad?

    ^^^ This is true. In all seriousness though, who cares. Facial hair works for me because it makes me look older. Which helps, since whenever I shave, people tell me I look 3 years younger than I actually am.
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    Old,but look really young. Not good.

    The beard/stubble thing definitely works well. I'm 21, and when I shave, people often mistake me for an 18 year old. But when I'm rocking the beard, people tend to think I'm older. One girl swore she thought I was 25...shoulda seen the look on her face when I told her that I was 21. And...
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    Vigilante Justice

    Watch the movie Death Wish 3, it's a great example of vigilante justice.
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    whats the point of life, anyways

    The point of life is to be alive.
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    It takes 21 days to break a habit: 21 days no masturbation: The 3 week plan w/options

    Ended, Day 15/21 I couldn't fall asleep last night and I had a final exam this know the rest. Only the first 3 or 4 days were challenging at all, after that, I pretty much lost all the urge to whack it. I feel like I could have easily gone the full 21 days and then some. 1/21
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    Time of OPTIMAL Sexual Arousal

    My first inclincation would be in the morning, right when you wake up. That would explain morning wood.
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    It takes 21 days to break a habit: 21 days no masturbation: The 3 week plan w/options

    14/21 or 15/21 if you want to get technical Woke up with blue balls this morning. :mad:
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    how do you guys study

    Another method I used to use back in the day was...get one of those big pink or white erasers, and write stuff really small on them. Also, if the test is math related, bring with one of those calculators that have a case, and tape some paper w/ info to the inside of the case. Or also do that...
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    Some tips from the female perspective

    After reading this thread, I can see a lot of people here are still stuck in the "jerk" mentality. That's cool, but one day you'll realize that women don't really want that.