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    Anyone work or live in saudi arabia?

    just saying:)
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    Tristan tate

    your network is your net worth plain and simple.
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    The Concept Art behind the movie Aliens

    love it not everyone can have that talent!!
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    Passport Bros! Rejoice!

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    Is Sydney Sweeney telling the Truth about Glenn Powell?

    like all show romances only time will tell if they will last.
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    Can US mens soccer be saved?

    What a let down seriously.
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    Can US mens soccer be saved?

    What a lousy showing for the us team but Panama is kicking but.
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    New Beginnings

    We have all been there in high school college or in the real world places like this in your library or good pictures to start to help find yourself get better grooming habits and build your confidence.
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    Your thoughts on patriots coach dating a twenty some thing.

    Bill legendary patriots coach is now dating a 20-something year old what are your thoughts on this ?Both are over the age of 21 so I find nothing wrong with it then again the cutoff for me is 21 and i'm 41.
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    Bill Belichick dating a 24 yr old! He's 72

    As long as he gets s pre nupt or stays away from marriage.
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    Gent Z

    So true
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    who will win euro and copa america this year?

    i hope panama at least wins their division.
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    What's all the hate with the travel bros?

    I think it's due to a lot of reality TV.
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    Talents And Skills That Can Get A Man Laid

    Learning another language
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    Harsh Truth: You will never beat women in the dating game

    You are talking from experience?
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    Anyone work or live in saudi arabia?

    seems to me getting a girl from the middle east is the way to girl from what i see.
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    Going to be another brutal summer for much of the US it appears...

    I live in miami.Tinting your car and house windows plus timing your ac usage can go along way.The whole global warming thing has been blown out of proportion in my mind.
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    Anyone work or live in saudi arabia?

    Looking to get work in saudi arabia.Anyone from or live in that area?Looking for work as a english teacher.
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    Usyk v Fury

    wish i would have posted my pick about this one.I was rooting for u all the way after all his last wins.The best man one but i have respect for both !!Hope he fights doentay next and does the same cant stand that guy.
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    Tom Brady's situation is concrete proof that dating for men is always a L

    he doesnt refer to himself as alpha.I dont consider myself one either but if he is not who is?