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  1. No.Danny

    Plan on moving out with three buddies

    Best friends since elementary. These guys are family. Have shown loyalty and dependability all through the years. Continuously
  2. No.Danny

    Plan on moving out with three buddies

    I plan on moving out with two buddies next year around may. I made a checklist which I will copy and paste onto here and I’d like your opinion plus advice and etc. Should say I have around 3k already saved up. Even though my parents are really good financially I’m doing this alone. Because it’s...
  3. No.Danny

    Best advice for a High School Senior?

    If you have an iPhone I will change your life
  4. No.Danny

    One of the best statements for teasing a girl: "You are banished"

    What you are is mentally unstable. Not a narcissist
  5. No.Danny

    The end is near

    So we just gone ignore the fact that he says he abuses her really bad or.....
  6. No.Danny

    A tendency

    I didn't come on this forum for like a year. I come like once every two weeks now barely comment. But I just find it funny how much of a clique like situation it's become. Seems like highschool all over again. Most guys here want plates. Some guys want long term relationships. The problem is...
  7. No.Danny

    The Good Go Young

    Time will tell. We're all looking for different things in life and have had different experiences. I'm a person who believes in people up until the moment they give me a reason not to. All it takes is just one for me. I'm not trying to build a relationship. I'm buying one. I'm not looking to be...
  8. No.Danny

    The past

    How much do you worry about a woman's past? What are things you would you consider unacceptable and lead that to her becoming nothing more than a *** rag?
  9. No.Danny

    The Good Go Young

    I've been in the game quite a few years. And at 19 I've had sex with around 10 different girls and countless experiences in the field. And the current girl I'm with. Who I'm building something serious with. Has only had 1 previous sexual partner/ relationship. And I could just sense the...
  10. No.Danny

    The Good Go Young

    Not married. But taken. For example I have quite a few friends who have been with their girls since middle school or 3 years. And these are some of the hottest and most wife material girls you could find around the area. Not only from the outside looking in but me personally knowing these girls...
  11. No.Danny

    The Good Go Young

    it's no secret. The real quality women will be gone by the time college starts. At least that's what I would say. More than 60% of these "quality" women will be settled already with their eventual partner by this time. I see it as not having been corrupted yet and the lack of sexual partners and...
  12. No.Danny

    Cities with the most attractive girls and my experiences in them as well.

    Having spent all 19 years of my life in Miami. And having traveled quite a bit thanks to my parents financial status. I can vouch that indeed Miami is where the finer things are at. Latina, Asian, white, black. We have it all. I'm never moving out of here!!!!
  13. No.Danny

    Touching girls vs letting them touch you first. What works?

    Jesus Christ what is this thread. Pathetic indeed
  14. No.Danny

    Example of being BETA vs ALPHA. The difference between the two

    You might be beta if you follow any of these "rules" thinking you're a real bad boy alpha You're an alpha if you choose to consciously ingnore her to show your high value alpha self. Not cause you're busy. But because you choose to. Pls give me a break
  15. No.Danny

    What is going on with this forum lately???

    Grown men arguing like teenage girls just warms my heart.
  16. No.Danny

    A simple question

    how much time do you guys spend on this forum a day?
  17. No.Danny

    What are the biggest attraction signs when talking to a women ?

    When a girl is into you. Would you be asking this question?
  18. No.Danny

    Have you noticed this while "interacting" with women?

    They treat you the same way I treat the ugly ass hoes who have the audacity to try and converse with me and think they have a chance. It's how the world works buddy. If you don't put and effort to maximize your looks and be the best possible person why should anyone else care? You're an ugly fat...
  19. No.Danny

    Why do we continue to play a dating game that is rigged against us

    How do you guys like your whine? Prefer mine in glass.
  20. No.Danny

    Danny's Help Services

    Bump. Leave kik names and I'll add you. It's really helpful tbh.