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    My Great story about how I did a divk Slide into a Brazilian Babes Booty!

    I was on no fap around 4 months ago and never went off it sense this happened! I was horny as all **** because I hadn't gotten off in over a month. I saw this girl with a huge ass and ran up to her dropped my normal opener. "I though you were absolutely adorable and had to say hi, my name's...
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    Big ego or no ego? Which works best?

    I always considered ego to be a bad thing, Its good to have confidence but being ****y can come across as rude and not understanding, not that it matters if you are just going to fvck them but that being said I think its a bit much throw a shoe at a girl or close to her. I would have just...
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    Asking for number or giving the number?

    The comments are getting so in-depth its kinda crazy, I think its just about moving on to the next girl and a lot of the texting portion comes down to what happened in person. for example one time I hit on a girl who was holding flowers I started talking to her and at one point took flowers from...
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    Today i hit 30 days of NoFap

    I always do no fap I am going to stay on no fap forever for this HUGE reason, I was always lucky with getting action. I was just in the right place at the right time kinda deal, but when I stopped masturbating I started to want to jack off so bad so I made myself go to the mall to talk to girls...
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    do you fvck hotter women when you're rich?

    The main thing is to practice until you can go up to a girl on the street with no issues. Sometimes money gives people confidence but the main reason they are getting sucked off is because they are displaying confidence. Money helps no doubt, but would you date a fake girl who has explosive...
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    Big Money

    Big Money
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    The 9 outta 10 that got away? Oh and I smashed my windshield....

    One day I was going to meet a friend on spring garden road, I was there first waiting for her and I saw this amazing girl at least a 9 out of 10. I started to talk to her and we talked for about 2 minutes and then suggested we sit down. After I had her sitting down it was very easy to talk to...
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    This girl was all over me

    TheMonkeyKing Strikes with some clean a.s.s advice. But don't you think he should call her at some point?
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    This girl was all over me

    I agree with TheMonkeyKing Even calling her would be great! Then you can make plans form there and its kinda odd that your co-workers saw for you but at the end of the day you got the girl so **** it. It honestly sounds like you have this in the bag.
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    Which one do you think is the best job to fake to turn on a girl?

    Yeah I agree with the first comments it does not matter at all! Just hint its not interesting and maybe explain the story of why you do your job but not the process of your work. Just change topic to hobbies and try and relate to her in an honest way.
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    Your thoughts, does the city really matter that much?

    Go to the city there are more girls up here and you can get away with ****ing around a lot more. For example my friend and I started a YouTube Ch and we went to the mall, schools, the crowded stress of the night city life. That being said I grew up in a small town of 600 people and I have to say...