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    Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed

    Talk about living for your passions. This was what Pook was talking about all the time, and this man was truly one of the greatest modern examples of how to live a rich life. He LIVED for 44 years, others EXIST for 80. I would choose the former. R.I.P. Steve Irwin.
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    good bodybuilding forums?

    These two forums will guarantee that you reach your goals if you listen to the advice: This forum will confuse you and probably mislead you:
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    Major obstacle!

    Thank you for your replies. I will try to put into practice some of your suggestions and see if I can move up a level in conversation skills. :up:
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    Major obstacle!

    I feel I have only one obstacle that stops me from being: - good with women - a good salesman - a person with perceived high sosical skills I'm so f##king slow and unimaginative when it comes to conversations. This is, for example, what happens when I try to talk to a girl in a bar: Me...
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    Mr/Senor Fingers

    Which of his threads are you reffering to?
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    Pook's Return!

    Yeah, it reminded me of Pook alright. :crazy:
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    Pook's Return!

    So, I guess a lot of you people here are reading his blog. So am I. I think it has taken a turn for the better since this thread was started. While I support him in his battle against feminism, it sometimes seems he is a LITTLE beyond reasonable on some of his points about the feminist...
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    Hands down, deadlift is king of back exercises...

    Deadlifts even eliminate the need to work the traps? As Doggcrapp would say: What do you think stimulate your traps the most? A 120lb shrug or a 500lb deadlift? There is your answer! :D
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    Force myself to eat?

    For a lot of people, force feeding is the only option if they want to gain muscle. The best appetite tip I can give you is to go for a 30-45 minute brisk walk in the morning before breakfast (get a small protein shake in first). This will make you so hungry during the rest of the day you...
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    New guy needing routine/nutrition guidance.

    Oh please. Do NOT go to The two best boards on the net are: Both are packed with experienced trainers, most of whom are in their 30s, 40s and 50s - which means several years of experience. consists mostly of 18...
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    I'm such a loser

    MuayThai, I'd love to hear more about how you found a way to structure your life.
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    What is the best fighting style? Lets settle this once and for all

    Mind over fighting style, 9 out of 10 times. Simple as that.
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    Pook's Return!

    There is one fundamental flaw in Pook's posts. He believes people are actively thinking about what they're doing and how they're doing it to "mess up their husband", or to "trap men in relationships" etc. This is where he loses me. People are not really thinking this much. If have a hard time...
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    Strut Your Stuff

    Bump! :yes:
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    Too late?

    At the age of 25 (26 in May) I still feel I haven't really had a period where I had fun and got laid a lot. On average I've had one/two sex partners every year this decade, and that ain't hopeless, but I don't feel I have "tried" enough women to find out what I like and what I don't like. Of...
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    Tony Robbins

    I've listende to a lot of his stuff. I usually get a rush while I'm listening to it, but since I'm not taking action I really can't say it has helped me. Wonder what would happen if I actually went out and did something. :woo:
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    Optimal Reps

    I don't completely disagree, but I will still not recommend playing soccer/doing cardio etc every day if you're trying to add muscle mass, unless all you're doing for cardio is walking to get some cardiovascular fitness. Low intensity cardio will usually do more good than bad, even help gains by...
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    Optimal Reps

    Not as a general rule, genetics and age play a role. A hardgainer could never get away with that, but an average-above average trainee might.
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    Optimal Reps

    I haven't read any other posts in this thread, I'm just gonna skip right to the point: If you are getting stronger, you'll grow, no matter what rep range you're at (ok, most people will have trouble growing when they go over 20-30 reps). So what about 1-3 reps? Yupp, more innervation, but...
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    Low carb diet with breaks on weekends - does it work?

    Sazuki: Could you give a more specific example? This sound interesting.