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  1. Grounded eagle

    Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

    The novelty of fighting the justice league is cool but it’s just wasted opportunities in my book,considering how it was executed. The traversal is fine,I’ll give it that.They had to be inventive considering that they were dealing with more than one character,but is it really enough to redeem...
  2. Grounded eagle

    Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

    I didn’t even talk about the visuals.Damn, I hate the overly colorful,straight up garish visuals of such games these days.You have no idea.I also think it’s a travesty that Arkham knight,which is ALMOST A DECADE older the SSKTJL looks so much better.No wonder the numbers of people playing that...
  3. Grounded eagle

    Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

    Terrible game,terrible story.Gameplay is repetitive and samey from mission to mission and it makes one wonder why a studio like rocksteady,who specialize in great single player experiences decided to make a looter shooter. All this before we even get to what they did to Batman and the rest of...
  4. Grounded eagle

    Slowing things down/Building tension

    Great post. I needed to hear this as I am presently in a similar situation,met someone new,1st date went great with sex followed by a cooling off.It’s been a few weeks since then at this juncture,I’d honestly kinda been busy,but I probably ought to hit her up,having given her the time and space...
  5. Grounded eagle

    Don't believe everything you read on the internet [ MUST READ POST]

    No need for that.His own shame will prove to be a more effective repellent than any ban could possibly hope to be. Also, it’s been obvious from the start that he’s a fraud.
  6. Grounded eagle

    Good video games to play with girlfriend?

    It takes two. You’ll actually have to work together to get things done.
  7. Grounded eagle

    Experience Of The Dumper Vs Being The Dumpee

    The principle is the same.You are ending your acquaintance with the girl.The means don’t matter as much as you seem to think.
  8. Grounded eagle

    Houston we have a huge problem…The Manosphere does not have an ounce of Social Cohesion

    The difference is that one of them is right and one of them is wrong.The fact that I don’t have to say who is who corroborates that fact. Say what you will about Tate,but he is far more of a positive influence on men than 99% of big name personalities out there. Also,let’s appreciate the irony...
  9. Grounded eagle

    The moderators here will die alone because they are afraid of commitment

    Change your attitude.Change the way you think about life and change the way you think about yourself. You want to know what to change about yourself?It’s not hard to figure out.Look at yourself,look at your life.EVERYTHING needs to change. Deep down you must know that that’s true.
  10. Grounded eagle

    The moderators here will die alone because they are afraid of commitment

    I saw the thread, and with all due respect,there is nothing the best posters here could do for you.It’s a bad situation all around and it only ends up with you being the loser. Let’s look at the tape. You dedicated 8 years of your life to a woman who had someone else’s child.That’s already one...
  11. Grounded eagle

    Reading Material question : Credibility of writers on the subject of PUA

    Guys,you do know that from the beginning of the first Rational Male,Rollo stated that he wasn’t a PUA guru or a motivational speaker,but just a guy who connected some dots? You do know that he made no secret of the fact that he was married WITH KIDS in the aforementioned book and that he’d been...
  12. Grounded eagle

    How many plates should I have

    Find the middle ground between how many plates you want and how many plates you can handle.
  13. Grounded eagle

    How to graduate from SoSuave with honors

    You were one of the good ones.Thanks for everything.Good luck.
  14. Grounded eagle

    The road to becoming a beast and overcoming all pain

    I like it.Like that saying about bravery, “Bravery isn’t the absence of fear,it’s being afraid and going forward anyway.”
  15. Grounded eagle

    Clumsy Flirting Attempt by Female Cashier?

    It doesn’t even matter because you didn’t act on it and nothing came of it. Considering that it’s part of her job to be pleasant and interact with people,I wouldn’t read too much into it.
  16. Grounded eagle

    How often have you been approached by women?

    This goes without saying,but the more active I am socially,the more I get “approached.”I got approached quite a bit when I was a clueless idiot who didn’t know he was being approached and I still get approached once in a while. I am of the belief,however,that most women rarely,if ever,approach...
  17. Grounded eagle

    Women are your true companions. Men aren’t your friends.

    The truth is,when you get into a relationship with a woman she will become preoccupied with playing house.They then try to mould their men into something that they were not originally,and this,ironically,makes them less attracted to their men.They become at odds with a lot of the things that...
  18. Grounded eagle

    Women are your true companions. Men aren’t your friends.

    Lots of fallacies here. First off,women almost exclusively want what’s best for THEM. Most of their actions and decisions are geared towards their own betterment. It’s hardwired into them.That’s what hypergamy is.Throughout a woman’s life the only person she may ever put ahead of herself is her...
  19. Grounded eagle

    Why the Scarcity Mindset is the worst thing a man can catch

    This is not true.Most average men would happily settle for an average woman but most average women have no problem telling average men that they ain’t sh!t, mostly due to a hilariously overblown sense of self worth. I agree with everything else you said though.
  20. Grounded eagle

    Plate cancelled plans last minute but asks to postpone them for following day

    She continuously meets,makes out and has sex with you.The problem here may actually be that you’re becoming too needy and dependent on her. I would worry less about her interest (doesn’t seem to have waned in the slightest) and just focus on your life outside of her for a bit. You might be...