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    Shy, Inlove? Dont Be

    wow...great poem...sad as **** though
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    Make it snowball!

    haha i had a similar experience the other day...good ****
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    practice makes perfect

    She had a microbiology book in her hands so i just said "did you just get out of class?"...simple observation...then i got into talks about her major and then i got her name and then we just talked about random **** first she was pretty quiet but she really opened up near the...
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    practice makes perfect

    lol thanks...anyway, scroll down and on the bottom right corner there should be something that says "rate this thread"..glad u enjoyed my post
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    Get Out!!

    so true <3
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    practice makes perfect

    *sniff* you're the greatest pledge brother a guy could ask for <3...btw i really did not expect you to reply...i mean, i hardly ever see you write anything on this forum anymore...whatever...thanks <3
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    practice makes perfect

    Well, today was a good day for's why...I did my first cold approach...ever....I have done approaches before but I'd know something about the girl beforehand (i.e. friend of a friend, clubs + organizations, etc.)...anyway i first approach has taught me that nothing on this...
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    The Man

    ****ing amazing
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    That first approach

    Re: Re: That first approach "Hi"...the universal opener...done deal..furthermore, you can are physically capable of approaching a're just scared..scared of someone thats smaller than you and has a *****...approaching is nothing...if you can't approach, how will you...
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    Be a good kid.

    pfg...pure ****ing gold
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    How to be a real PUA....My Last Post

    i'm surprised this is not in the bible..anyway the post and its reply by the threadstarter are gold...
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    Tihash's Daytime Approach Journal

    whats that 4 questions game you are talking about in the last post?
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    Make your life as positive as you can

    our stories are very similar...being positive has made all the difference
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    Tihash's Daytime Approach Journal

    you're doing fine...keep doing it till it becomes a habit...dont hesitate because your mind is gonna come up with every conceivable excuse not to yeah ur doing fine..hell, u had the balls to approach...thats more than some kids on here have done...
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    Towards Manhood!

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    Kill that desperation!

    when i first read this post a little over a year ago, i thought it was amazing...the last few days I actually got around to reading Pook's replies..this guy is incredible..there is no other way to describe him or what he has done for this
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    Pug's 100 approach journal

    napoleon is right...that is why u should continue your approaches...otherwise, you'll end up obsessed...