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    threesome on the second date

    Okay, so I wasn't aware that there was a Bel Air in Hartford. I was thinking Bel Air in California, like Fresh Prince of Bel Air you know? Bel Air (California version) in Quebec? I sure wish! All we got is Westmont and shyt. Outremont also. As for the bis, I don't have the pleasure of...
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    threesome on the second date

    So let me get this "straight" ! You're more or less dating two bisexy women and one lives in Bel Air? Bel Air? As in money falling off of my pockets, Bel Air? So, tell me if I'm wrong- you're dating ultra wealthy bisexy pu$$y? Do please keep us updated.
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    Don't Ignore those Celebrity DJs!

    Hey, you guys forgot about the main man George Clooney! Probably the biggest pimp in Hollywood these days. Remember that 10000 bet he did with Pfeiffer and Kidman about getting children before (or married, not sure) before 40? See, they recognize the deal!
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #4

    Ok, so here’s my report. Friday Went to the mall because I had to repair my sunglasses. After two glasses shops couldn’t help me I found a third one where they were able to. The specialist that did the repair was a young woman, about 25. I left her alone while she worked and patiently waited...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #4

    Hmmm. There aren't many people posting. I know I didn't post for the last two weeks since nothing really spectacular happened or all the stuff might have been redundant with all the other posts and what not. After three weeks of straight raining/cold weather, the sun finally comes out. This...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Alright so here's my report. Didn't do it in two sepaarate 1 hour outings but rather I did the experiment everytime that I went out last week. I set out to greet at least ten persons each day. Pretty much uneventful. When I kept eye contact some women would smile, some would blush and some would...
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    blowing the kiss...this works!

    Man, I really don't get that arm movement. Seems to be too much of an exageration of the arm movement and might look unatural. Perhaps you meant the hand instead of the arm. Wouldn't it be smoother to simply kiss the tip of your hand and then blow it(the kiss) at her. The traditional way. Still...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Course Description (class is now in session)

    Count me in for the ride! ------------------ "Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?" -Frank Scully
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    DJ Online Correspondence University... Classes starting soon!

    Hey, Hey! This looks like a fun ride! Count me in! ------------------ "Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?" -Frank Scully
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    rejection collection

    quote: 14) Saw girl talking on phone in shopping mall, went up, bolder than ever, and interrupted her phone call, saying hello. She stopped her call to talk to me – she gave me her number and sex followed two weeks later. 9/10 Yo, 2ndtour! This is absolutely amazing and I just have to try this...