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    Tips on going out alone?

    I never agreed with any specific rules about who should do X percent of the talking. You really have to "play it by ear" and adjust accordingly on the fly. Some chicks talk almost non-stop, and you just have to say a few things in between. Others are more quiet or haven't warmed up yet, and...
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    Coed swipes past 30K profiles to get 5 dates

    I’m still trying to get my c&f to an Olympic >99.99 percentile level.
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    Giving Oral

    I honestly never got to try it. I offered it to past gfs, but they always politely declined. I don’t suggest it anymore.
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    Tips For Short Guys?

    Grow out your hair. Have a thick tall hairstyle. It gives the illusion of some extra height, and a sexy style could turn the shorter guy into Chadlet-lite. A shaved head or close buzz, while athletic, can make the guy appear even shorter.
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    Coed swipes past 30K profiles to get 5 dates

    Whether it’s automated or manual, she only went on dates with 99.983 percentile guys. Obviously that’s her choice. More power to her. But the lesson for your typical Tinder user guy is... (Too obvious to say)
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    Easiest way to control eating

    Coffee is a decent appetite suppressant. I’m able to eat a very light breakfast (eg a banana) with a cup of coffee and feel full until lunch.
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    Coed swipes past 30K profiles to get 5 dates

    0.0167 percent are good odds in 2019 lol. All kidding aside, in a weird way, blackpill gives me optimism (and encouragement) by lowering my expectations to negligible levels.
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    Dear Therapist: I Don’t Understand Why My Girlfriend Dumped Me - She said that she loves me but doesn’t want to be with me

    I hope the sister keeps her away from hubby (the brother-in-law). Next, she’ll be going over their place again “to visit” and “use their pool” while wearing some skimpy swimsuit around her bro-in-law lol. TLDR: It’s all over for the askatherapistcel guy.
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    Some scattered field reports - bettering myself this year

    The spilled beer all over your clothes largely derailed things. That's not your fault. All in all, these are good attempts. Keep at it, and keep us posted.
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    Playing the field at 25?

    While I fully support side-gigs and making side money (with possible fringe benefit lol), just be careful if you go the part-time bartender route. Engineering is not a job where you can be going to work exhausted all the time lol.
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    Tips on going out alone?

    Agreed. I will just add that if you are going for a same night pull, go for either no kiss or a light quick makeout. A heavy “You two should get a room” makeout session in the club can sometimes actually RAISE her guard (and that of her friends) and make it much harder to pull. Plus...
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    Game difficulties when you don't have an apartment

    OP, just try to pick some of the nicer motels/hotels if you can. Don't go for the absolute cheapest one on the block. Bringing bed bugs home is worse than bringing home an STD lol
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    Liberal women

    Agree completely. My biggest issue with many liberal women is they take the political stuff WAYYY too personally. You can't have a friendly debate and just respect other's views that might be different from yours. So, I never bring it up. Plus honestly, I'm really not a debater, and I don't...
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    Mentally lacking, many of you

    Absolutely. I'll qualify my statement by saying it's an ideal situation for an experienced guy looking for short-term fun. The inexperienced guy can definitely get his heart crushed by such a situation though. I will add that plenty of hotter women DO have cool personalities and are nice...
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    Reddit post: Perfect guy but HEIGHT BOTHERS ME

    I never took notice of the traits associated with small handbags. I will from now on. My only point is that I fully agree that big handbags equal a red flag.
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    Game difficulties when you don't have an apartment

    Social circles can definitely work. In retrospect, I didn't do well with social circles because I didn't have the proper experience to handle them correctly. In night-game, it's very clear which women are attracted and which ones aren't. In social circles, it can be tricky (for some guys) to...
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    Short guy has meltdown in public, rants about OLD

    Not just his height, he's also a norwoodcel (i.e. a balding "just-cut-it-short-cel") and he's gray* so bordering on oldcel. *Gray can be hot on some full hair guys i.e. a silverfox. But gray AND balding is a tough combo.
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    Reddit post: Perfect guy but HEIGHT BOTHERS ME

    Funny enough, in Las Vegas, if a woman sits at the bar by herself and sets down a very large handbag, odds are 99 percent that she's a hooker.