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    How to Eliminate Desire

    So what makes a person an AFC? Is his style? Is it his looks? Is it the things he says? No. What makes an AFC is himself. More specifically, it is his internal scripts or mind set that makes him the way he is. The AFC's internal scripts are varied and mostly jumbled. But there are usually...
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    Just Play the Game

    I was watching the movie, “The Legend of Bager Vance” and one phrase really struck me: It wasn’t until last night that I fully became to understand the full import of that statement. For the first time in my life, I went up to a woman and asked her for her home phone number with no fear. I...
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    The Holy Grail of Dating

    I was reading an article by Doc Love on "Why Is That Babe with Such a Loser?" which triggered a lightning bolt series of thoughts that culminated into a series of very shocking insights that left me at times almost disgusted in what I had discovered. I had found the holy grail of the dating...
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    Is not the idea that a person will love you for who you really are just BS?

    Somehow I got these AFC ideas in mind: "Someone will love you for who you are." "It's what is inside that really counts." "There is a right person out there for you." Is this not really just BS told to us like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy (nice child like stories that hide the harsh facts...
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    What are the type of things women do to "test" you?

    I think this is a very important topic that really needs to be addressed. The vast majority of woman you will go out with will "test" you. Speaking from limited experience and what I've picked up, a woman tests you by purposely throwing a monkey wrench in the relationship to see how you react...