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    How to Get a Perfect Woman

    Saw this on Facebook and thought of all the stupid newbies here who don't know how to get a perfect girl yet. Here is a step-by-step guide for you: 1. when she asks how she looks shrug and say "could be better" this will keep her on her toes. and girls love that. 2. never hold her hand...
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    I'm Tired

    I'm tired of people whose whole existance and energy, day after day after day, goes into crying and complaining about the actions of people on the internet that they've never even met. I'm sick and tired of logging onto my email to find fifty reported posts from one particular member who...
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    Test Your Urinal IQ
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    Penkitten and I Are Getting Married

    December 31, 2005. She is nice and sweet and I am an mean motherf*cking assh*le and so we figured that if we combined our superpowers into one combined partnership, we would be unstoppable and could take over the universe. So when the ball is dropping in Times Square this year, chug...
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    The "What's Wrong? Nothing." Game

    Have any of you guys been in a relationship where you're with a girl and everything seems to be going really, really great... then one day it seems like something has changed or that something is on her mind and/or bothering her? So you ask her what's wrong, and she says "Nothing." But...
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    A Shocking Revelation About My Health: And I Will Answer Your Questions Here

    Gentlemen... pull up a chair. I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. You may have noticed that although I rarely post in the Health & Fitness forum, that when I do my focus seems to be mainly on one particular topic. And you may have suspected why that is. And you would have been...
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    Vincent Van Gogh: Cut Off His Own Damn Ear! AFC or DJ?

    According to legend, famous artist Vincent Van Gogh got into a fight with another famous artist (Paul Ganguin), got drunk, cut off one of his ears, and gave it to his girlfriend, who promptly fainted. Was that an AFC thing to do, or a DJ thing to do? Why? NOTE: This thread is a parody...
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    Serious Poll Question About Moderators

    Here is your one chance to really let your voice be heard. There have been a lot of complaints in the Suggestions and Feedback forum that moderators are "disrespectful", "mean", "Nazi/fascists", "hypocritical", et cetera. Apparently a lot of people are dissatisfied with some of their...
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    Casanova Returns... How to Find & Dump a Girl in About a Month

    This is my first post in a while, as the result of some technical difficulties. But I'm back now, and ready to share the events of the past two months. I hate meeting chicks on the Internet. I think that goes back to the fact that several years ago, I had been talking to this girl, and I...
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    Want ****y/Funny Examples? Try This On.

    All of the following are true, word-for-word examples of part of a converstion I had with a girl today. We went out last week for the first time, and we're going out again tomorrow night. =========================================== HER: For some strange reason, and I don't know why...
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    What The Hell Am I Doing -- You Ever Get Like This?

    Last week on a first date with this girl named Nicole, everything feels flat, kind of boring and frustrating. Was this worth all the trouble? In my book, it wasn't. This weekend, I have a date with a girl named Kate. I don't know her very well at all, so God knows how that will go. She...
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    Confident Persistance: The Girl Who Cancelled The Date

    About a month ago, I got the phone number for a girl in my class who seemed at least semi-interested. I called her later that week, and set up a date for the weekend. The next day, she called and left a message saying that her brother was coming into town to help her work on her house, so she...
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    First Date Since Break-Up With Fiance

    Okay, so you may have read my previous post about my first number close since Jen and I split. If not, and you're interested, you can find it here: First Number Close Since Break-Up With Fiance Today I called up one of my friends to find out what's going on for our weekend poker game. He...
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    First Number Close Since Break-Up With Fiance

    Those of you who have been paying attention know that my fiance and I broke up this past December. For those of you who haven't been paying attention: my fiance and I broke up this past December. Now you're up to speed. Now, for the past few months I've been out of the game, voluntarily for...
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    If You're In a Relationship, She IS Trying to Change You

    Guys, it's simple. If you're in a relationship with a girl, she IS trying to change you. And the irony of it all is that 9 times out of 10, she's trying to change you into something she doesn't want anymore. Say you're a wandering free spirit, a guy who's always looking to have fun...
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    Funny Story... A Girl From the Past

    1996. I'm a teaching assistant in a high school computer class as an elective my senior year. Since my teacher knew squat about computers, I basically taught the class. It was filled with mostly sophomores. One of those sophomores was a girl named Christy. She was always extremely nice and...
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    Pointless Thread: Impressed Buddy at Hooters

    A buddy of mine and I decided to head up to Hooters earlier tonight because... uh... because they have really good buffalo wings. Yeah, that's it. Buffalo wings. Actually, we went up there because we're both two recently single guys and we just wanted to have a little fun. Our waitress...
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    ONE YEAR FROM TODAY - I'm Getting Married

    On July 31, 2004, there will be a Mrs. Giovanni Casanova. For some, I realize, marriage is the ultimate kiss of death. However, I've said from the beginning that my goal here was to find a girl who matched my specific criteria and engage in a long term relationship that would eventually...
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    Opinions Censored?

    Would someone like to explain why my opinions concerning so-called "Psychic Seduction" were deleted?
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    End the Religious Spamming in "Anything Else"

    I usually don't ever recommend any censorship of any kind, particularly about religion (since I enjoy my own right to be vocally atheist/agnostic/non-religious). However, SEVERAL posts from JUST ME have sprung up in the "Anything Else" forum, none of them seeming to encourage any sort of...