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    Am I fit here.

    It seems that most of this forum ‘s users are politically conservative. I myself am a progressive like. Bernie Sanders. Of course Trump has a womanizing reputation but it seems many of you are also with him on fiscal policy. Ironically I think most of us would disagree with conservatives on...
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    Is this a sign of attraction?

    So this lady I am volunteering with-the coordinator-tells me I’m doing an awesome job, is extra nice to me and invited me to a party which I could not make. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything but when she was talking to me just before she left—she was wearing a shirt with buttons...
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    Wingmen in Nashville?

    Ok thanks. I’ll get a hold of you when I can find the time.
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    Why the Kavanaugh nomination circus should scare the sh*t out of each and every one of you

    I am thinking more and more that he is guilty. I just hope he doesn’t get on the court.
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    Why the Kavanaugh nomination circus should scare the sh*t out of each and every one of you

    I don’t know if he is guilty or not. Either way, I think he would be dangerous on the court. That said, as a male pursuing a career in politics (for the purpose of combating poverty), it does concern me.
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    Bartender compliments my eyes

    As I write this I am in my favorite bar. A bartender who I have been acquainted with for a couple months said; Bartender: you have very blue eyes. Me: I know Her: I like em Me: thank you Her: I wish I had blue eyes, Me; you should be proud of what you have. Her: my mom has Blue eyes. She is...
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    Just asked coworker to lunch.

    Ok well I was able to talk to her today, not as easy as I got promoted and am in a new department. Anyway as we left I told her to have a nice weekend and she asked how I liked my new job. Then I asked her when she thought we could go out. She said she didn’t know as this weekend she is taking...
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    I see no reason not to. She presently does not have a bf. Worst case scenario she says no. And if she says she is not ready because sh just broke up that is just an excuse and means she is not interested. I’ve had women use that excuse with me then all of a sudden they have a bf.
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    New Times, New Plates.

    I just got promoted at work to a position more related to a career goal. I also found a more decent place to live for the same cost. And I have my 20 year high school reunion coming up. Here are my current plates: 1. A coworker who I talked about in a previous thread. (See Just asked coworker...
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    Do think humans will get uglier because attractive women are too picky to breed?

    I’m not sure I agree with the premise that they are that pick. I mean sure some are. But many aren’t. And attractiveness is subjective. I think Asian food is awful but most people disagree.
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    Just asked coworker to lunch.

    Well I have not been pestering her. I only brought it up 3 times is 7 weeks. My way of playing it safe. But yes, I am starting to get the feeling that it may not work.
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    Just asked coworker to lunch.

    Not Amazon though I used to work at one.
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    I can’t believe it. I think she might have asked me out?

    Been a while since you posted. How is the whole thing going.
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    Just asked coworker to lunch.

    Update! I asked her what she was doing this weekend and she said she requested overtime work so she can travel to her family reunion that is coming up. It’s possible she is blowing me off but she did initially say yes. So I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.
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    I think im gonna hammer online dating looking for Armenian wife

    Well FYI I am originally from Chicago myself. Now living in Music City (Nashville). There was a period in my life that I only wanted a Mexican Girl. It all began after seeing the movie Selena. The relationship between Selena and Chris was the kind of relationship I dreamed of. This gave me a...
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    So I often come across terms on this board that I am not familiar with. From context clues I am guessing a plate is a girl? Am I missing anything?
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    I can’t believe it. I think she might have asked me out?

    You are giving me optimism for an upcoming date. Just need to know what to do right.
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    Something to think about

    This is not a situation that I am in but I am throwing it out for thought as it could happen to any of us. This site is all about helping us score the hottest women. Suppose you land a perfect 10, get steady and have sex regularly. Maybe you get married maybe you don't. Then she gets in a car...
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    I can’t believe it. I think she might have asked me out?

    Please let us know how it goes.