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    What is HB8?

    B+8 = bait so it means "hot bait" I don't really understand the point of the term, TBH. But apparently it's still in use
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    What do you pretty guys do for healthy skin?

    I'm beginning to hate my skin and am wondering what people do to maintain it so it does its job and looks nice. Do you use creams, oils? How hard do you scrub it? What kinds of soap? I'm especially having trouble with the upper back, I'm not flexible and it's hard to wash properly. I'm...
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    I'm disabled, need workout without arms

    If it's only 1 shoulder's labrum, you could do dumbbell movements with the other arm, right? Barbell work might be out, but no reason not to work the other side. I doubt it'll blow up all over-sized overnight. Using the free hand to stabilize during leg movements like lunges would be...
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    Dis-advantages of Fast food?

    Untrue, even a lot of junk food contains vitamins and minerals, they're often fortified and use this as a marketing ploy. We need only look at breakfast cereals for a good example of this. Loaded with sugar and not really a good choice, but they do contain minerals and vitamins. Free radicals...
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    Dance Lessons

    I would like this but in a lot of cases it seems you need to come as partners to learn partner dancing.
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    Get motivated and TAKE CONTROL!

    A lot of sensible points here. I'm following you so far but... I had thought the reason was entirely different. That white breads, pastries and pasta aren't as high in fiber and metabolize/digest too fast. This spikes blood sugar and causes an insulin response to store the sugar, but then when...
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    Mystical Powers of Juggling

    For some reason I thought by the title this would actually be about balls :) In a way, I guess it is. Enjoyed reading this, some sensible points made.
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    How to Handle Being Dumped, Stood Up, or Rejected

    If you're distant it still gives her the opportunity to end it to punish you for being distant though, so I'm not sure it's the same thing.
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    I'm 20 with virtually no sex drive

    That or try more extreme fetish kinds :) I actually found if I watched things not overtly sexual but with subtle eroticism (classic movies are often good for this) it builds suspense a bit more.
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    How easy is it to combine cardio and TV?

    You could stand and do squats while watching TV, could be quieter than a treadmill.
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    Massive Shoulders

    These are awesome.
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    which size dumbells to get

    Do you have plans for what type of movements you'll be doing with them? Usually people end up getting several pairs (or adjustibles) to give more training options. If you only ever plan to have one, I'd go with the heavier ones to allow compound moves like rows/presses and you could eventually...
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    Does cardio really eat up muscle?

    I believe this only happens if you are extremely depleted of energy. Unless you were on a massive cutting diet I doubt running is going to ruin muscle, especially if your body is building it out of a perceived need.
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    Can squats make your appendix burst?

    I doubt on its own, usually it bursts from some kind of infection inflaming it. I guess any kind of activity that put stress across the core could set it off, though if that happened it probably would've eventually been a problem anyway.
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    Intense bodyheat

    Some things I can think are dropping body fat, drinking lots of cold water, wearing less clothing, less hair. Of course I don't follow my own advice cause I'm dumb =P Yay for warm-headed migraine vomiting.
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    started starting strength (my overhead press is horrible!)

    The overhead press being dramatically lower than the horizantal press is probably pretty normal I'm guessing.
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    How To Get Abs

    Dieting is hard, lol. I think in general if we do bodybuilding and target most of the body's muscles, and eat more protein to supplement those repairs, the raised metabolism from doing that work, repairing the work, and any resulting hypertrophy, would help to shed off some body fat, I hope.
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    What are decent ways to earn enough money for a comfortable lifestyle living alone?

    Even at 25 right now I'm still working jobs which are barely above minimum wage, getting kind of sick of it. I'm curious for the more well-off guys, how you earn your living, how much enjoyment you get out of what you do, plans for the future, how to work our way up to better-paying and stable...
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    RSD Blue Print

    A friend just recommended looking into this, it'd be interesting to see yet another person's perspective upon self-improvement. As for being 'cool', I always figured that meant keeping a level head and not being overemotional. Someone who gets too angry or worked up or even in love sort of...
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    Does my boss want to have sex with me?

    That won't happen. She's your boss. It's always the boss that does the sexual harassment, male or female. If she was uncomfortable with what you were doing she could have simply fired you or had you transferred or something.