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    When choosing a female partner, make sure she has a job in a similar income range

    I didn't think this was true until my ex brought it up multiple times about how i'll be making "way more" than her if we ended up getting married. It said it made her feel very insecure and "not worthy" of me. It is true. You have a date and marry someone with the same-ish income. It will not...
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    How To Turn Ex GF Into A FWB?

    You have to wait, and then down the road make her a FWB when you have other women. If you do it right now, you will fall back into the relationship routine with her.
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    Did she flake? How to proceed?

    A quality all men should strive to have.
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    My GF Revealed She is Insecure

    I feel like that is a new thing. Didn't even know wtf a chad was until I came back here after a few years hiatus. I'm not sure why guys compare themselves to "chad" but it seems like those are the ones that are low quality themselves. No self respecting man would compare himself to some "all...
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    Ended a 2 year relationship, red flags and insights.

    It is a ****ty behavior. She even admitted she has anxiety about me going anywhere where she wasn’t. I legit could not have fun. You think this makes for a good relationship ? I think not.
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    Ended a 2 year relationship, red flags and insights.

    I appreciate all the replies guys. @Mauser96 I've been busy these past few days, hanging out with friends, talking to some new girls already and went a concert last night which was freaking awesome. @mrgoodstuff i agree man, she had great qualities, on the outside, but that doesn't matter if...
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    Ended a 2 year relationship, red flags and insights.

    Last night my 2ish year relationship ended with one of my plates, who I made exclusive just before starting grad school. In hind-sight I think I ignored a lot of red flags that led to this relationships demise but it was also a good learning experience since it was my longest relationship so...
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    The importance of being MARRIED.

    I would not believe things like that coming from doctors and research, the reason is, medical schools (and most universities) kneel to the feminist propaganda they have been fed. The issue becomes if you are constantly fed "marriage is good, marriage is good, masculinity bad, marriage good...
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    Oneitis and lost frame

    ^^that. However, the issue is he became very attached. My guess is that if he had 2-3 more women he was talking to that were just as hot or hotter, he would be able to do the above, but since right now he seems like he isn't pursing other women (that he rates higher than this girl), he is in a...
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    End Game

    Cosign that man. I remember people who peaked in high school (especially women) and all I see now is they are either in an unhappy marriage, fat, bored, and posting b/s pictures from the "brewery tour" they took over the weekend. Your posts amp me up btw.
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    Why you should have sex with a woman asap

    While this could be true, I think if you do this you have to define the word "quality." If you're going out, wanting just to get laid, anything is fine. Looking for a girlfriend and wanting to just get laid are two different beasts. I think the more sex the better, keeps you from getting...
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    Ex still affecting me

    More like a learning experience. At the end of the day, when you stop providing something of value to her (sex, money, excitement) you are dead to her. Move on and find other women, easier said than done I know, but it is the only way.
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    The lonely life of the player

    I see this happen to a lot of guys as well, sh1t im only 26 too. Most of my friends who I used to game with on the weekends ALL got married. It's like once 24-25 set in, they realized "Oh wow, I really need to have a kid and get married or ill die alone." I think it's been accelerated a bit, the...
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    Your Uncle Atom is Engaged

    Uncle Atom, congrats man, glad to see you're happy and living the life you wanted to live. You almost sound like Anti-dump in this post man. Wish you the best.
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    Women Now Own Your Sperm

    Order from the UK.
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    Women Now Own Your Sperm

    Male birth control => pin 1g of test a week. I promise you will shoot blanks.
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    Hypergamy In Action

    I guess I didnt see it from that perspective. I can jive with that.
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    Hypergamy In Action

    When I first came here, I read Pook and a few other books and the main take away point was always improve yourself, and become the best man YOU can be. I feel like we are going backwards. Guys do not want to improve themselves, instead they buy into female propaganda of "dad bods" and "quick...
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    She slept with my friend

    Sounds like a good girl /sarcasm. That wouldve been a red flag right there. Whatever. Move on, letting this get to you is a dumb idea. Just go **** other women.
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    A reminder why it is important to cultivate mystery and uncertainty

    "I dont have to earn his affection" => no challenge, no wonder shes bored. "I dont have to play guessing games" => once again, no challenge, the guy tosses himself at her. "Emotionally available " => once again, no challenge, there is no guessing as to if he actually likes her or not, she knows...