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    Can I ask you guys personal questions?

    How old are you? How horny are you? Often? Not so often? Never? What do you eat? Do you think you being horny somehow is dependent on what you eat? When are you at your most horny? What time? Before dinner? After breakfast? At night? I'm almost never horny. I wonder if it is because I only...
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    Hey Allen recently there is an increase in the posting of sex related tips and questions. Now I know we have 'Anything Else' for these kinds of stuff but the sex related posts are becoming more and more. I also know that this website may have grown out of the proportions you had in mind into...
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    Somebody BAN this ******* please and FAST This guy is posting stuff that doesn't suit the contents of this website.
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    s p e e d

    The secret to confidence can be a mindset of some sort but it starts with controlling your breathing. Now ever noticed that the times you lose confidence your heartbeating speeds up to uncontrollable high frequencies and you are breathing like crazy? If you can slow down that beating of your...
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    The 80's and the 90's

    I have posted this before in the Discussion Forum but I thought I put it here. There are so many people out there worrying about such things as approaching the other person to talk or something like that. When we were kids we would go up to a person and talk to them. Without ever being...
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    Nothing really new in here. So if you are looking for something new then beat it! Example 1: Dinosaurs got extinct. That is one of the most destructive things ever happened in the history of Earth. But nature says there is nothing wrong. The dinosaurs all died because they weren't strong...
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    the succes story forum

    Administrator can we have a succes story forum where everyone and including those who decide to leave can (come back and) post their succes stories. I see so many frustrated people here that it becomes depressing and discouraging sometimes and if there was a forum with succes stories (small with...
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    The Female Player

    How to deal with girls who try to play with you. When you've already recognised that she is a female player. - When you are meeting the girl for the first time appear friendly but uninterested. Always look in her eyes (without sexual interest) and never at what she wears or at how big her...
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    The Therapy Forum

    So flames are reduced to just ONE forum. 'Anything Else' is just too funny to be place for therapy. Therapy Forum for people with low self esteem (and this has nothing to do with dating, right?)