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    Any of you tried instagram lately?

    I was not referring to tinder. I came across a profile on instangram feed.. saw one/two have their email address/phone numbers. there will be an option displayed "call" when someone puts their phone number. i was wondering why girls do this
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    Any of you tried instagram lately?

    i see lots of girls have email/phone numbers displayed publicly lately.
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    Why do girls ?

    I see other girls in the picture too Sometimes two or more girls
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    Why do girls ?

    A question folks I noticed this several times on social media. Why do girls go to motels even though they live in same city. I noticed when they posted pics from social media. Mostly go to decent motels like 4-5 stars. I am not talking about call girls or hookers in general .
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    Does adding girls on Facebook work now?

    Thanks for the advice , I think you are correct . When they have fb they get tons of messages from dudes
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    Does adding girls on Facebook work now?

    I see a cute girl on Facebook and she is single. Will sending a message or friend request work?
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    Conversation Continuation tips

    Great advice guys... what about online conv like on fb
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    Conversation Continuation tips

    Hey folks, its been a while have opened a thread here. I have a question So when i talk to a girl for the first time I forget how to end it and so i find an excuse to leave it. I would like to know what is the best way to end a conversation so a girl remembers me.
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    Women addicted to social media

    this picture is right
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    Is this true?

    Share your experiences to other folks You have to mentally **** a girl before you physically **** her.
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    Cruise Game

    interesting thread...lets see
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    Can anyone explain me?

    Why do clubs pays Scott disick $$$$$$ for his appearence in the clubs?
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    Fun with Facebook - Weeding Out The Ex's

    great job :rockon:
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    got ED, simple, low cost fix (for most)

    How about some Raw onions slices ( Except the bad foul)
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    Morals Vs Girls

    Hello Folks I have a question in mind for a while and would like to share with you guys. I have been raised by my Mom and Dad ( good people), while i have been raised they taught me how to be a good person, don't lie, be nice blah blah blah I went into deep down my DNA and in every day...
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    This story

    I think we should start using audio/video recording devices in daily life too
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    This story

    Cliffs Old story but here are the cliffs Girl and bf are at club and get separated due to brawl at club Girl leaves without bf Gets banged by 5 dudes Bf hasn't heard by gf so he goes to her dorm Sees her looking like she just...
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    This story

    The Hofstra freshman who had a raunchy restroom romp and then cried rape made up the twisted tale because she didn’t want her schoolmates — particularly her new boyfriend — to think she was easy, the beau told The Post yesterday. “I think she needs a psychologist. She probably felt like...
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    This Is Pretty Awesome

    :up: Singing will get you punani
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    Backup Plan

    Understood..thank you